Wednesday, February 10, 2010

US Role in International Terrorism

Saudi, Qatari and nationals of other Arab countries were held responsible for the 9/11 incident. The attack was planned in Afghanistan, and according to Americans, the money used for carrying out this attack was transferred to the US from Pakistani banks. To take the revenge, the US attacked Afghanistan. Taliban were thrown out of the government, their officials were incarcerated, and Pakistan was terrified to take side with the US, and the process of punishing Taliban was completed, through Pakistan. Afghanistan has been tormented by the US, but its economy has crashed too. Pakistan too, has been painted with blood and such a system has been devised, which will cause bloodshed incessantly.
The United States has compelled Pakistan to wage a war against its tribal people, and as a result, the vindictive tribals have invaded Pakistani cities with suicide bombers and innocent citizens are dying. Furthermore, US has installed such an incompetent government, which is neither running the official affairs properly, nor will it be able to improve the law and order situation in country. Corruption is devouring the country like termite. In addition, India is being strengthened against Pakistan. India has been accepted as a nuclear power; it is being given a bigger role in the region and has been made a strategic partner.
Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor, who is about to retire, has been made to convey the American motives, by saying that Indian Army is ready to embattle Pakistan and China simultaneously. The United States is planning India's role in Afghanistan, and it is being said that, India will be asked to play a major role in Afghanistan and in this way, the United States has taken the revenge of the 9/11 attacks from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Wages War in Vietnam
The United States has killed, or got killed, millions of people in Afghanistan and Pakistan, in response to death of a little over 3000 people, thus proving a Dutch lady scholar wrong, that, as no war has taken place on the US soil for centuries, so it is unaware of the carnage and damage done by a war, that's why, sometimes, it annihilates hundreds of thousands of people in seconds, by dropping the atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, wages a war in Vietnam and creates turmoil around the world to show it's power and existence.
According to her, if there is a war in the United States, then in that case, the United States will come to know about the realities of life. Perhaps, 9/11 incident cannot be termed as a full scale war; moreover, there are suspicions about the 9/11 incident that whether it was orchestrated by the United States itself, or was done by its opposing forces or Al-Qa'ida. It is quite possible, that in order to achieve it's global motives, it instigated Al-Qa'ida, or provided them the opportunity, to take the US people along in diligently carrying out its adventure of conquering whole world.
A scholar of Rand Corporation had proposed to destroy the oil wells of Saudi Arabia, after capturing the Iraqi oil wells, but the proposal was rejected afterward. Henry Kissinger, apparently, opposed the proposal, because of the vested interests of his companies, but then Pakistan's Chief Executive Pervez Musharraf, who was then a close friend of the US President, was approached and he resolved the issue amicably.
Afterward, a US military scholar, Colonel Peter Ralph wrote an article named 'Blood Frontiers' which was published in defense journal of the Pentagon, later he wrote a book, containing a plan to change the borders of whole of the Middle East, including Pakistan, according to which, Iran, Pakistan and Syria were to be divided into smaller countries and borders of Saudi Arabia were to be modified. Now, they have created another scenario, according to which, a Shiite warrior tribe of Yemen invades Saudi Arabia and gets hold of its land.

Tackling Hothi Tribe
The Yemeni Government seeks help from the United States to overcome Al-Qa'ida, which according to them, is present there. They term tackling of Hothi tribe as there internal matter and allow Saudi air raids in their Yemeni areas, but they want the United States help to combat the people from Al-Qa'ida. This is just what the doctor ordered for the United States, and is a ripe opportunity for it to reach Yemen. Now, according to International Red Cross Society, they have not yet seen such a bad situation world over, which the Yemeni civilians are facing right now. The United States accuses Iran of abetting this Shiite tribe. It may be possible.
Hothi tribe is active and rebellious since 2004. The United States appears to be involved in arming the Hothi tribe, to create this situation. Although the US intellectuals are writing that Yemen should not be undergone through the carnage like Pakistan, which depicts, that the turmoil and bloodshed in Pakistan, the operation and its reaction, is being done at the US behest.

Iran's Nuclear Program
On one hand, distances are being created between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Iran's nuclear program is being used to create awe, and while on the other hand, Iran is being accused of helping the Hothi tribe. Iran has accused that one of their nuclear scientist was kidnapped during Umra, and other was killed in Teheran by a bicycle bomb. In short, devil is working and Muslims are the practice board. A crusade is going on, and Muslims are being ruthlessly killed, but Muslim countries never meet together and think together.
Arabs are proud of their wealth. They give their money to the United States, rather, they consider their money safe in the US banks, but they do not spend a penny for development in the field of science. They are not ready to take a combined position with Pakistan. We consider it a joint war and it must be fought intelligently in such a way that the wild elephant, after seeing a united wall of Muslims should change its course.

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