Monday, February 15, 2010

Israeli Provocations Leading To Fresh Middle East War

Lebanon fears that the ever-increasing Israeli aggression in the region could lead to a fresh war. Going by the Israeli attitude toward Lebanon--its activities, airspace violations, and the threatening posture it has adopted toward its neighbor--Israeli Prime Minister Saad Hariri has expressed grave concern and he appears to be justified in doing so.

Continued Israeli Aggression
The international community is fully aware of the Israel's attitude toward its neighbors like Arab countries and Iran. It is, however, a different mater that those who targeted Iran under various pretexts, imposing sanctions on Iran, do not see anything wrong in the continued Israeli aggression. They term Israeli aggression the right to self-defense and continue to back it. It was due to this patronage that at times Israel invaded Iraq's nuclear facilities, and at others indulged in aggressive activities against Lebanon and Syria. It carried out and extended threats to Arab countries. It also threatened Iran that it would carry out preemptive attacks against its nuclear facilities.
As far as Syria and Lebanon are concerned, Israel's disputes with the two countries are known to the world. Israel targeted innocent civilians during the 2006 war; the wounds of that war are yet to heal. At the same time, Hezbollah made Israel bite the dust during the same war, the pain of which continues in Israel even to this day. It was for the first time in Israel's history that Hezbollah captured two of its soldiers while violating the borders that led to a war with Lebanon. In that war, Israel had to face a shameful defeat, and its top military officers had to admit that Israel has suffered heavy losses in the war. Despite it's all-out efforts and killings of innocent Lebanese citizens, Israel failed to get its captured soldiers released.

Increasing Popularity of Hezbollah
Ever since, Israel's heart continues to ache with the defeat it had faced. It has even failed to reduce the Hezbollah's might, and the ever-increasing popularity of Hezbollah in the Islamic world had added to Israel's woes and disturbance. Clearly, Israel finds it difficult to bear with any organization that poses a serious threat to the Israeli aggressive attitude, and its very existence, and which has the courage and strength to counter Israeli terrorism.
The mischief that Israel is indulging in against Lebanon cannot be ignored and the concern expressed by Prime Minister Saad Hariri is fully justified. He alleges that Israeli fighter planes are violating Lebanon's airspace, because of which he fears that such violations may lead to yet another war with Israel. He alleges that for the last two months, Israeli fighter planes have constantly been violating its airspace and these violations are on the rise. He maintains that Lebanon stands united, and that in the event of war with Israel, Hezbollah would support Lebanon.
It is worth a mention that Hezbollah enjoys huge popularity in Lebanon now, but prior to the 2006 war, relations between Hezbollah and the government were strained. When the Israeli Army began to target innocent citizens, Hezbollah bravely fought Israel and made it to taste defeat. Even the Government of Lebanon had commended and supported the action by Hezbollah. It even had rejected the stand the United States and the European community had adopted against Hezbollah. It is worth noting that the United States and its stooges take Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

Imposing Fresh War on Lebanon
The current scenario is that while a war of words is on between Israel and Syria and both of them are making strong statements against each other, Israeli fighter planes, by carrying out violations of Lebanese airspace, are hinting of imposing a fresh war on Lebanon. There is no need to give details of the threats that Israel has been extending to Iran for the past some time.
Yet, all these issues are pushing the Middle East to a war that may not only destroy peace in the region but also cause huge loss of life and property. Even Israeli and Syrian media are hinting that a fresh war is about to begin.

Demand of Situation
Both the United States and Europe are fully aware of the situation, but the two self-styled keepers of world peace are silent. They may, perhaps, open their lips only when Israel indulges in mischief mongering. The history of the United Nations and the United States and its allies proves this contention. The silence that they have adopted against Israel further proves that Israel enjoys tacit support for its aggressive posture and violation of Lebanese airspace.
By hinting that Hezbollah would support the government, Saad Hariri has clearly indicated that should Israel attempt to impose yet another war on Lebanon, the history of 2006 would be repeated. Yet, the concern expressed by Hariri on the current situation demands that the United Nations should strive that the Middle East is saved of yet another war. The UN should at least warn Israel in strong terms that it should stop provocations against Lebanon or Syria, and not indulge in violation of Lebanese air space.

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