Sunday, February 14, 2010

Arunachal Youth Campaign Against China's Inimical Designs

India went whole hog to maintain friendly relations with China, and has been instrumental in China securing UN membership. We remained under the illusion of "Hindi-Chini, Bhai Bhai" (Indians and Chinese are brothers) slogan whereas China, in pursuance of its expansionist designs, launched an aggression against India in 1962, and grabbed 60,000 sq mile of our territory in the Himalayan region.

Dialogue Process
We lost our Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru because of the shock he received following Chinese aggression. Nehru had taken numerous steps for the country's progress in various fields.
Several years later, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi visited China and started a dialogue process to resolve boundary disputes and to begin trade with China. It was thought that China's approach vis-à-vis India would undergo a change in the altered scenario. But China continued to tread an anti-India path.
China extended support to Pakistan in its anti-India nuclear program and manufacturing missiles. China also built a military station for its marine forces at Myanmar in the Bay of Bengal, and constructed a big seaport at Gwadar in Pakistan's Baluchistan region.

Inciting Anti-India Sentiments
China is also supplying arms to rebel Maoists active in India's northeast sector. Not only that, China is engaged in inciting anti-India sentiments in Nepal by provoking Maoists.
India kept its eyes closed to all these issues, because our trade with China is registering a rise. However, under the pretext of trade, China flooded Indian markets with cheaper products that led to closure of various Indian small industries. China earned fabulous profit by pushing into India poisonous plastic toys, raw quality electrical goods, and electronic gadgets. After a long time, India got to know this and banned the import of such harmful products. In addition, anti-dumping duty was imposed on Chinese synthetic yarn, steel and tires.
Certain Chinese medicine manufacturers exported low quality medicines to African countries, tagging them with "Made in India" labels. The Indian Government woke up from its slumber only when African medicine control authorities raised this issue with the Indian Government. Finally, China had to take action against the companies concerned under international pressure. This way, the Chinese conspiracy to tarnish India's image, causing damage to the Indian economy and reputation, was countered.
Although several border dispute talks have been held with China, no settlement is in sight so far. On the contrary, China is staking claims on Arunachal Pradesh. It strongly protested against the visit of Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to Arunachal Pradesh, and also Dalai Lama's tour of this state.

Violation of Indian Airspace
In 2009, Chinese helicopters violated Indian airspace in Laddakh region several times. Then, Chinese soldiers made incursions 1.5 km inside Mount Gaya region and painted the word "China" in red color on a number of rock faces there. Chinese troops intruded into the Laddakh region 26 times in 2009. Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor termed it a serious issue. Chinese troops have become so bold that China took exception to the construction of a rural road in South Laddakh under NREGA scheme, following which the construction came to a standstill.
Conditions have turned grim with the establishment of Chinese cantonments in the vicinity of Indian border. The limit was crossed when a Chinese expert on military matters went to the extent of talking in terms of disintegrating India into several parts.

Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai
Strong resentment prevails among the youth of Arunachal Pradesh against China eyeing Arunachal Pradesh and other Chinese anti-India activities. The Arunachal Pradesh Students' Council has launched a campaign to boycott Chinese goods. The council president, Takum Tatung, led this campaign by Arunachal Pradesh youth at Akashdeep shopping complex in Itanagar recently. This campaign was launched by burning an effigy of Chinese President Hu Jintao and raising the slogan "Burn Chinese Goods". Takum Tatung maintains that the objective of this boycott campaign is to awaken the general public of Arunachal Pradesh and the rest of the country against China's anti-India designs.
Undoubtedly, by taking this step, these youth have expressed their sense of patriotism and to stir the minds of countrymen so that we are not once again deceived by China under the allurement of the "Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai" slogan.

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