Monday, February 8, 2010

Iran Possesses Right To Launch Space Rocket for Peaceful Use

Iran has launched a space rocket capable to send manned satellite to the outer space. Although the Western military experts said the launch of Iran's rocket would not pose security threat to the United States. Washington has already responded negative by calling the launch of rocket by Iran a provocative act.
Many people know that the technology used to launch satellites can be used to carry long-range ballistic missile nuclear warheads. It is no wonder that Washington has all along viewed the research activities of Teheran with suspicion. This is despite the fact that Iran has repeatedly stressed that its research activities are for peaceful use.

Uranium Enrichment Programs
In May 2009, US and Russian experts have estimated that Iran would take at least six to eight years to have the capability to produce ballistic missiles which can carry 1,000 kg weight of nuclear warheads to reach a range of up to 1,000 km. However, the US Pentagon said that Iran has already strengthened its ballistic missile capabilities sufficient enough to threaten US and US allied military troop presence in West Asia. It seems that the US suspicion on Iran's intention to make nuclear weapon has increased with time.
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad suddenly announced on 1 February that Iran was willing to send its enriched uranium for other countries to handle. This is in fact one of the conditions the six countries' (the five UN Security Council permanent members namely the United States Britain France China and Russia, plus Germany) negotiated solution to settle Iran's uranium enrichment activities. When Iran expressed willingness to send concentrated uranium to other countries to handle, this announcement by the Iranian leader would eliminate one of the western concerns that Iran might produce nuclear weapons.
But the United States still suspects this is Iran's strategy to make such an announcement so that it can buy more time to carry out uranium enrichment programs before the United Nations imposes four sanction resolutions on Iran. The United States believes that if Iran were really sincere, it should inform the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) about its decision.

Future Ambitious Plan
All along Washington has the intention to impose more severe sanctions on Iran through the UN Security Council. Bu the United States has been unable to seek the consent of China, the other permanent member to the UN Security Council to pass the resolutions to impose more sanctions on Iran. Now, that President Obama has launched a series of provocative action on China and angered Beijing, it will be difficult for China to support Washington on the Iranian nuclear weapon issue, now.
After the launch of the space rocket, Iranian President Ahmadinejad said that Iran hoped to send a manned satellite to the space. It seems the Iranian leader has great ambition to turn Iran into a great nation. There is nothing wrong for Iran to be ambitious. If Iran really wants to develop nuclear energy for peaceful use, no country including the United States can prevent Iran to do so. Iran has the right to launch space rocket for peaceful use.

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