Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gandhigiri Versus Vandalism

The pain of the slap that Rahul Gandhi, Congress youthful leader and general secretary, has given to the Shiv Sena by displaying Ghandhiism on Mumbai roads and traveling in local trains would continue to be felt by the Shiv Sena for a long time. In fact, the display of Gandhigiri by Rahul has taken Shiv Sainiks by utter surprise. Greatly annoyed by Rahul's statement on Mumbai, Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray and his activists had threatened to hold a black-flag demonstration against Rahul Gandhi who was scheduled to visit Mumbai after his Bihar sojourn. The paper cub of paper tiger Bal Thackeray, Udhav Thackeray, had even gone so far as to advise Rahul to keep himself away from Mumbai.

Rahul's Mumbai Visit
Despite the threat, Rahul Gandhi not only visited Mumbai but also showed the proper place for the Shiv Sena by standing in queue to purchase ticket to travel by a local train. Rahul clearly gave the indication that let Bal Thackeray and his goons claim whatever they may, he cares little. He clearly gave the indication that Mumbai belongs to all Indians and those who carry on their politics in the name of the "Marathi Manoos" count for nothing. Taking abundant precaution, the Mumbai police had arrested several Shiv Sena activists a day prior to Rahul's visit.
The provocative statements made by Thackeray and company had thrown ample hints that every attempt would be made to vitiate the atmosphere. The coward Shiv Sainiks got solace only by using vituperative language and thus manifested their helplessness. The realization had already dawned on them that should they cross the "line of control", they would find themselves unsafe. The situation that has prevailed so far goes to prove that no stern action was ever taken against the Shiv Sena and the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena and they continued to spit venom. Had even a hint of an action against them was seen earlier, they could not have taken Mumbai hostage? Some of the Shiv Sena activists were taken into custody from the venue, which Rahul Gandhi visited, yet the limited number of these activists clearly indicated that they had lost the courage to come out in large numbers.

Ever-Mounting Hoodlumism of Shiv Sena
Film star Shah Rukh Khan has also given a befitting reply to the ever-mounting hoodlumism of Shiv Sena activists. Shah Rukh Khan who was visiting London in connection with the promotion of his film, not only reiterated his stand against not letting cricketers from Pakistan play in the Indian Premier League tournament but he also refused to apologize. He even counter attacked the Shiv Sena that since he was the son of a freedom fighter, and freedom of expression is a fundamental right in a democracy, he would not apologize to Shiv Sena. He has made it clear that he would not be cowed down by threats extended to him by the Shiv Sena, nor would he fall prostrate before them.
It may be recalled that a stooge of Bal Thackeray, Sanjay Raut had extended the threat to Shah Rukh that if he is so bold and courage one to refuse to apologize, he should make the same statement in Mumbai as he had made in New York. This stooge of the Shiv Sena chief, who also talks above his head and has the same kind of a loose tongue like his mentor, had further reminded Shah Rukh Khan that his house "Mannat" is in Mumbai.

Meaningless Activities
The befitting reply given by Shah Rukh to the Shiv Sena and the overwhelming support he received, and the visit by Rahul Gandhi, who fearlessly visited Mumbai in spite of threats extended to him by the Shiv Sena, go to prove that Gandhism can easily defeat goons. It further proves that the common Marathi finds no meaning of these activities and that he is neither bothered nor disturbed by the provocation in the name of Mumbai or "Marathi Manoos". The people in Mumbai fearlessly turned out to meet Rahul Gandhi which goes to prove that the common man in Mumbai are fed up with the fascist forces.
The fearless visit to Mumbai by Rahul Gandhi has placed a mirror before the Shiv Sena. It can further be assessed by the number of the Shiv Sainiks who were arrested while demonstrating against Rahul's visit how much sup port from the people they enjoy! Clearly, if they had any support from the people, there should have been thousands of people taking to the streets against Rahul's visit and the arrests would have been in hundreds and thousands and not a handful of them. In fact, the immediate visit by Rahul Gandhi after the befitting reply that the Shiv Sena got from Shah Rukh, have together, defeated the hoodlumism of the Shiv Sena.

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