Sunday, October 4, 2009

Whither Obama Promises to Islamic World?

That night of 20 January was the night to dream with open eyes, when the son of a black Muslim was seen in the historical function to take oath as the 44th President of the United States. That moment for the black US people was the realization of their dreams. However, the black and Muslim people of the entire world started having a new dream from that day. That dream was about good United States.
Now a question mark is being observed on the performance of Barack Obama after eight months and it is not asking from a single individual, rather from the history as to "what happened to that dream?" That dream, which faded out as soon as it was dreamt. Now ash of that dream is flying hither and thither in the shape of speeches on the global stage and its script writer is the US establishment.

Freedom of Palestine
Intellectuals of the world agreed on it that Obama would do nothing. However, there was a hope that the United States would correct its mistakes in the shape of Obama and would let the world win peace and freedom without which the word "civilization" is meaningless. However, the violence gripped this world after the break up of the Soviet Union and disintegration of the socialist block.
The nations of the world, which sacrificed three or four generations for freedom, their goal of freedom seemed a mirage to them. What is the answer the United States of Obama to this question as "what has happened to the freedom of Palestine?" Now Palestinians are not launching suicide attacks on the Jews and they are no more hijacking aircrafts. Why are they still under barbaric besiege of Israel?

Occupation of Iraq and Withdrawal from Afghanistan
The United States had a great opportunity in the shape of Obama to seek apology for the occupation of Iraq and to withdraw from Afghanistan. If it had sought guarantees from Islamic countries to do this, it would have obtained. However, it wasted the opportunity. Now the withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan would be nothing more than a retreat. The reason is that it has been decided that the United States cannot stay in Afghanistan for long. It has to leave it. It would have been a lot better, if it had left it with honor.
As far as the prosperity of the world is concerned, people are leading life worse than before. All books of the capitalist world have turned into a heap of garbage, which described that the world once out of the threat of communism would become a paradise. Now communism is no more a threat. However, the world has become worse than before. Promises the United States pledged to the international community and the countries standing by it against the Soviet Union have not been honored. Pakistan is a sorrowful example of those broken promises. India supported the Soviet Union during the Cold War era. It did not support NATO countries. India did not support the United States or its allies from Afghanistan to Africa.

Bonhomie with India
However, the United States started bonhomie with India after the elimination of the Soviet Union and pushed Pakistan aside. India conducted nuclear tests and Pakistan paid it back in the same coin. However, both were subjected to sanctions. Then this shameful discrimination was exercised that the United States signed nuclear pact with India and announced that Pakistan should not expect such pacts. The United States used to request Pakistan for help during the Cold War era.
However, it started issuing aggressive threats in order to use Pakistan for its interests after the Cold War was over. Pakistan was subjected to discriminatory treatment regarding nuclear cooperation when Pakistan was either killing its friends of cold war era or it was handing them over to the United States, although they did not pose any threat to Pakistan. However, those best friends of Pakistan turned into the worst enemies because of the United States. Pakistan now stands alone in the war on terror, in which it was forcibly pushed into by the United States.
The United States is violating the sanctity of the Pakistani frontiers with its drone spy planes and the Indian intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) has set up a large network in Afghanistan because of the United States. It has launched every kind of activities against Pakistan under the cover of aid to Afghanistan. The United States knows all this. Now its allies are also acknowledging this fact that India is using Afghan soil against Pakistan. However, the United States is calmly looking at this drama and doing nothing in this regard. If it is doing something, it is adding insult to Pakistan's injuries and that too with the US brand name. How is the United States playing its role in this regard?
The United States should realize this that the history of world does not stop. However, it happens that its pace is decreased through force, but its total stoppage is impossible. The anger against the United States is mounting and if the countries of the world do not form a front against the United States, people of the world could gather on a platform against the United States. The history is changed through the public role. If the countries of world do not devise policies to reflect the aspirations of the concerned public, the common people would come forward to play its role and the world would enter into a good and new era. The establishment of the world makes people subjugate the common people through technology. It exploits them.
However, the common people use the same technology to benefit them and the world establishment is rather flabbergasted over it. Now the anger in the entire world is emerging against the United States in a new way. The public realized the United States would change with the arrival of Obama. However, the common people are feeling sorry over its simplicity and innocence, which is transforming into revenge. The people of the world are feeling humiliated. A fire of revenge is burning in their hearts against the United States. The United States should fear this fire. It is the fire of the public, which has the courage and ability to change the history.
It is being proved from the recent statements of President Obama that white Bush is speaking in the guise of black president. He is still presenting Pakistan as Al-Qa'ida sanctuary. The United States is increasing the number of its troops in Afghanistan along with the number of drones that strikes missiles on the Pakistani borders. This drama is being staged during the government about which the US stand is that "We are strengthening democracy in the world."

Drone Attacks in Pakistan
Will drone attacks strengthen democracy in Pakistan? The difference between the United States of Obama and the United States of Bush, which emerged in the minds of people of the world ends when the dictator of the same (Pakistan) country visits the United States like a royal guest and holds political talks with George W. Bush.
The people of world would soon be disappointed from the change, which they attached to that US realization declaring Obama continuance of Bush. The important question in this regard is: Will the United States be able to bear the reaction of the disappointment of the people of the world?

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Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

This might be nit picking on my part but it really bugs me. Every time I type the name, "Obama" the good folks at Spell Check inform me that I have gotten the spelling wrong. Here are their suggested corrections:


Right. I've got a fifth suggestion for them: Ob-la-di! Ob-la-da! Life goes on - BRA!

Their suggestions for my "misspelling" of the name "Barack" are almost as amusing:

Ba rack

I just got through typing up a list of all forty-three men who have served as chief executive. Spell Check tells me that I got every name right (or, in the case of Martin Van Buren, half right) with one exception. You guessed it: "Barack Obama". The guy has been in the public eye for over five years now. He's been president for nine months! You would think they might have fixed that by now, wouldn't you?

That reminds me. Can anyone please explain to me just what the hell an "Obadias" is? It's not in Webster's Dictionary.

Tom Degan
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