Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize for Barack Obama Poses Challenge to Islamic World

Once, a character in an English movie spoke a memorable sentence. He said: "This world is moving within the circles of its own words. A person who kills a few people is labeled a murderer, but the one who kills thousands is declared to be a conqueror." Today I believed the truth of this statement. Barack Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The entire world is aware of the services he has rendered for the cause of peace. He has increased the number of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces in Afghanistan as part of his peace efforts so that they could easily kill more innocent people in the region. His services in the quest for peace are countless. The US troops are promoting peace in Iraq under his leadership. However, the Iraqis are a very "thankless" people because they attack the United States and also demand that they should leave Iraq. Americans are "innocent" angel-like beings. They are only eyeing the oil reserve of Iraq, while dishonoring the Iraqi women. These innocent Americans are harming Iraq in every possible way, and are killing the Iraqi people with friendly bullets.

A similar situation is going on in Afghanistan. The US soldiers have changed their modus operandi under the command of the new General McChrystal. This US general has the blessings of Obama. Now the US soldiers do not go to deserts and jungles looking for the Taliban. They live in populated areas claiming that they are providing security to the civilian population against the Taliban. These US soldiers use populated areas as a shield for themselves, while carrying out crimes against the civilian population. It is said that they are committing these crimes to promote peace in these areas. The philosophy behind these crimes is that when Muslims obtain a first-hand experience of these acts, they will learn to avoid extremism and terrorism. These poor Americans are making so many sacrifices for the sake of peace. They are providing psychological training to the local people.

The Bold Paradox
The Nobel Peace Prize should not be Barack Obama's desert alone, although it is true that his services for the promotion of peace should be acknowledged. The drone attacks on Pakistan, the efforts to separate Baluchistan from Pakistan, all these services should be appreciated. But we must not forget that people before Obama also did a lot of such work. They, too, played a key role in promoting peace. How could we forget the services rendered by George W Bush? He is the spiritual father of this process of peace. Have we forgotten the "crusading" words, which slipped out of his mouth? Bush deserves this Nobel Peace Prize much more than Obama. Bush was the one who landed the US troops in Iraq and, then, showed them the way to Afghanistan. He taught the US troops how to spoil a situation. These were the miracles of his presidency. Why was Bush deprived of the Nobel Peace Prize? Don't you think people who sent the US forces to Vietnam deserved a Nobel Peace Prize much more than all of these men? They were also promoting peace through the barrel of a gun. Why were people like Truman, who promoted peace by dropping nuclear bombs on two Japanese cities, deprived of the Nobel Peace Prize? Today, when Obama has been awarded a peace prize, we are waking up to the realization that his predecessors have been unjustly ignored. No one gave a hoot for their efforts for peace. Now the world has a chance to make up for that mistake. Therefore, the world must acknowledge their efforts for peace and award them the Nobel Peace Prize posthumously so that their souls can rest in peace because their services for peace have, at last, been appreciated.

Obama and Hitler
The services for peace performed by Obama were also performed by Adolf Hitler. But Hitler is denounced by all and sundry. Let us resolve that from today onward no one will denounce or denigrate Hitler but will, instead, praise him. And there is no need to project Genghis Khan as a historical villain. This poor guy promoted peace in the world in his own style, except that his efforts were incorrectly interpreted by prejudiced historians. A new award should be launched under his name, which should be given to every such person who brings peace to millions in the Genghis Khan style. The decision to give a Nobel Peace Prize to Obama is a great decision; it is a lesson for Muslims as well. And that lesson is that Muslims should also try to promote peace the way the Americans are doing, since it the duty of Muslims to contribute to the promotion of world peace. And no one will appreciate these efforts of Muslims unless they also give such sacrifices as are being given by Americans in their quest for peace.

The 9/11 incident was a very small scale action. Next time thousands of Muslims should participate in such an action. Only then will the world recognize their services for peace. Minor attacks do not make a difference. If Al-Qaida is getting weak, it should be strengthened. If the Taliban have become lazy, it should be encouraged. Next time Muslims should do all those things, which were done by Obama. Try to become a conqueror and, then, treat others like a conqueror. In the past this prize was awarded to those persons who had done extraordinary services for world peace or for service to humanity. But Obama has not done anything to promote peace in the world. Rather, he is responsible for ongoing wars in the world. He has only made promises, but done nothing concrete to bring peace to the world.

Rise to New Political Tussle
The 9th October nomination of President Obama for the Nobel Peace Prize has given rise to a new political tussle in the United States. Many prominent leaders of the Democrats believed that Obama was facing political problems for the past few months. The opposition was critical of his policies, but his nomination for the Peace Prize was a trump card for him. The paper said that the Nobel Peace Prize for Obama was like a political support and encouragement for him. The Republican, its supporters, and the Norwegian Committee have criticized Obama and the judges of the nomination committee, because they cannot fathom what particular services have justified his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. The impartial intellectuals and analysts have also expressed shock over Obama's nomination for the Peace Prize. They also said that this important prize which, in the past, was given only to deserving persons after very careful consideration, has now been given to a person who has not done anything remarkable for world peace.

David Miller, a senior US official who was part of the Middle East peace talks, said that he was shocked over this nomination, and was unable to understand under what criterion the committee had nominated Obama for this Prize. He also said that the action by the jury had diminished the prestige and honor of the Nobel Peace Prize. It seems that they made this decision under some kind of pressure. Michael Steel, president of the Republican National Party, said that President Obama had not done anything remarkable for peace to deserve this nomination. He said that the reputation and authority of Obama have shadowed the efforts of many people who have done a great deal in the past for peace. Members of Obama's supporting party, the Democrats, responded to Steel's objections by saying that President Obama was sincere in his efforts for world peace and, on this basis, he was awarded the Peace Prize.

US Congress Criticism

The leftist parties in the US Congress have criticized Obama's nomination. According to them, although Obama has been awarded the Peace Prize for his flexible position, he has weakened the US position of strength throughout the world. Stephen Hess, a renowned analyst of presidential election campaigns, and a research fellow at Brookings Institute, said that there was no precedence for such an award.

In the past this Prize was given only to those who had rendered great services for world peace, where such services were clear and obvious before all.

Is it an Investment in Obama?
However, Obama's nomination shows that the nomination committee has made an investment in Obama because Obama has not done anything except making promises and announcements about his policies. Michael Steel, chairman of the National Republican Party, asked what services Obama had rendered to deserve the Peace Prize. This question was not limited to Michael Steel alone; rather, most of the Americans were asking the same question. According to them, Obama had made many promises and policy statements about world peace, but he had not done anything concrete to fulfill these promises to make him worthy for the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Peace Prize for Obama poses a challenge for the Islamic world.

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