Friday, October 2, 2009

11th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam

As if it were a rule, every time Vietnam is preparing for a big political event, here and there the same propaganda themes crop up to undermine the Party, the State, and the revolutionary cause of our people, the same old songs with different tunes sung by hostile forces. It is like that this time.

Preparation for the 11th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam is just beginning, and once again we see items under the name of "contributing opinions to the 11thNational Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam" appearing in websites obviously designed to sabotage Vietnam, in which one article calls for the abolition of the socialist political system in Vietnam. The Party "reform" by giving up communist ideology and abolishing Article 4 of the 1992 Constitution. With obvious intent and a malevolent goal, the article calls for deposing the Communism Party of Vietnam.

Mature Political Perception
In order to conceal his intent, the author resorts to a trick, not new but malicious, that is to present his opinions as full of responsibility to the national interest, with a very constructive attitude toward the development path of the nation, and with a "barrel of enthusiasm" for the public interest, "expounding" their love for their motherland.

The evasive way of expression implies that they are living in Vietnam and are "loyal" to the country, so they are contributing sincere opinions and hope that the Party will "reform." This type of discourse easily deceives people who are gullible and incapable of mature political perception.

Malicious Political Goals
Pretending to be objective and presenting both sides, spreading doubt and soothing the ears of people who are fond of compliments, they bring up issues such as "the motherland is on the brink", "strengths" and "weaknesses" of the Communist Party of Vietnam, "questions" and "solutions" as if this were a contribution of opinion with "good will" toward the Party. In order to stimulate and build the confidence of the readers, they cite various opinions, deliberately put them in random order, and equate them with the ideology of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, and proceedings of the National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam - hostile statements from those who are disappointed, turncoats, opposed, ungrateful to the land that gave them life and nourishment, and now they come back and talk nonsense. They deliberately look for contradictions between the Communist Party of Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh, and between the current Constitution and 1946 Constitution, and while pretending to be fair, they quote Marxist philosophy out of context, and deliberately ignore historical facts to serve their malicious political goals.

The reality behind those “contributed opinions” is hostile thoughts presented in a series of points in logical order. According to them, "The Communist Party of Vietnam has made a few credible advances, but due to mistakenly chosen party lines, has pushed the Vietnamese nation into a dead end. It is high time we "reform the Party," a reform culminating in abolition of the Party. It is abolition not only by doing away with Article 4 in the 1992 Constitution, but also by cutting the roots of the Party by means of eradicating the socialist political system.

Irresponsible Political Attitude
The logical extension of these hostile theoretical points exposes the irresponsible political attitude of those who claim that they take responsibility for the nation. We need only turn the pages of Vietnamese history, from the first shot fired in the invasion of Vietnam by the French colonizers on 1 Sept 1858 to the day the Communist Party of Vietnam was born and led the Vietnamese revolution, to prove who actually was responsible for the destiny of the country. And what was the first victory of Vietnam after 80 years of rule by the French colonials? It is not hard to realize that it was the August 1945 revolution, the revolution conducted by Vietnamese people under the leadership of the Party that has raised the Vietnamese nation to the level of other pioneer nations in the world.

History is the most accurate record confirming that during the whole eight decades of French colonial rule, from the armed uprising of the feudalist patriotic movement to the non-violent bourgeois democratic movement for national independence, all ended in failure. The reason for these failures was lack of correct revolutionary guidance, and the root of the problem was lack of a genuine political force and organization with the toughness and intelligence to define and follow such a path. The appearance of the Communist Party of Vietnam on the political stage resolved that conflict. The Communist Party it, and no one else, led our people to victory in the historic confrontation between the Vietnamese nation and two big imperialists, France and the United States. The result was that both of them had to accept defeat in Vietnam, a land that is not large and does not have a large population.

There are many reasons for the great victories of the Vietnamese revolution, but the decisive one is that the Vietnamese people are led by a genuine Marxist party. But today, to reform the Party, the author suggests "dissolving the socialist political system" of which the Communist Party of Vietnam is the nucleus. The fact is they want to create another political force in addition to the Communist Party to take the leadership role in society, and scheme to establish a multi-party system following the model of capitalist countries.

Communist Ideology
More maliciously, to "kill two birds with one stone", the author cites groundless analyses in order to create a conflict between the Communist Party of Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh, between interests of class and national interests, and between the goal of national independence and socialism. The ultimate goal of the author is to deny the leading role of the Communist Party of Vietnam. Some people contend that "The victory of the Vietnamese revolution before 1975 belonged to the Labor Party of Vietnam, a party that accepted the role of President Ho Chi Minh and always put the national interest as its ultimate goal, and was separate from the present Communist Party of Vietnam that worships class interests and pursues communist ideology and, therefore, has become an obstruction to the development of the nation..." But they deliberately forget that since it was founded, the Party has borne the name "Communist Party of Vietnam" and that from the "Provisional Platform," the first Platform, the Party declared it would lead the nation to communism, and Vietnamese nation had to conduct "a civil rights bourgeois revolution, and then a land redistribution revolution to build a communist society."

Achievements in the cause of reform by the Communist Party of Vietnam are acknowledged by the whole world, but they present the groundless assertion that "The achievements in reform are because the Party has gradually retreated from the principles of socialism." They tried to prove that "Due to half-way reforms, the country is now facing difficulties, and the society is not stable and does not have allies. To escape from this situation which has many symptoms, and to escape from the threat of internal and external invaders, we must "reform the Party. To reform the Party, we must give up communist ideology, and eradicate the socialist political system. The author poses the direct question "Why is the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Vietnam determined to pursue socialism patiently?"

Path to Socialism
It is obvious that they want the Vietnamese nation to give up the path to socialism, the path that Uncle Ho, the Party, and people have chosen, and give up the goal of national independence and socialism. They want to eradicate the Communist Party of Vietnam, a Party that has successfully played the leading role for almost 80 years. That is the goal of "peaceful evolution," which they assume is a strange fear. Therefore, any person can understand what is behind that contributed opinion.

Cruelty and cunning have never been civilized human values. The evil scheme behind the "contributed opinions" of those who claim to have "good will" will certainly be revealed. It is not hard for each Vietnamese person to identify the true face and malicious scheme.

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