Saturday, October 3, 2009

End to Atomic Weapons and Obama's Deception

Recently, US President Barack Obama announced to rid the world of atomic weapons at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council’s (UNSC) head of states. A resolution was unanimously adopted, which called for tighter controls on atomic materials to prevent them from being stolen or used for military purposes. The resolution also entailed plans to ban all vulnerable atomic weapon materials and to take effective measures to stop its smuggling, procurement or theft. This historical resolution made it compulsory for the countries transferring atomic technology to other countries to have their atomic facilities inspected by the United Nations. If they withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), they would have to return the technology.

Eliminating Atomic Weapons
Obama also said that the UNSC must play its part in implementing these plans. Thus, Iran and North Korea would have to comply with these resolutions. Japan welcomed this resolution adopted by the UNSC and reminded of its calls to eliminate the atomic weapons since the day it was attacked.
It must be remembered that the United States developed the atomic weapons and tested them on the yellow Japanese race. These weapons were used on Hiroshima on 6 August, which killed 140,000 persons; some of them died immediately and others in a few weeks time. But this did not quench the thirst for blood of the US beasts. They carried out another attack on Nagasaki, this time killing 70,000 persons.
This fact must be considered that there were no military bases or military installations in these cities. There were only citizens living in these cities. Despite this, these cities were targeted, which is a heinous crime and genocide. These attacks were carried out by the country, which calls itself a follower of Jesus Christ, but in reality believes in crusade. Since the time the United States got its hands on the atomic weapons, it started dreaming about conquering the world. But the Soviet Union came face to face with it.

Atomic Power States
The United Kingdom, China, and France also gradually became atomic powers and a balance was struck, which is still in effect. To maintain their domination of the world, they decided not to allow any sixth party to acquire atomic weapons. So in 1968, the NPT was signed, which forbids all countries, apart from these five, to produce atomic weapons.
However, every country has full freedom to use atomic technology for peaceful purposes. The sixth clause of the NPT advises nations to immediately work toward eliminating the atomic weapons from the world.
It has been 41 years since these agreements were signed, but no progress has been made in this area. On contrary, the United States and Russia have been making hydrogen bombs and others weapons of mass destruction in order to outdo each other. All powers have continued to test these destructive weapons. The United States in Nevada, Russia in Siberia, France in Maororc Atol, and China in the Gobi Desert, polluting the sea, land and air. Both the United States and Russia have 10,000 short-range, medium-range, and long-range missiles each. The United States has even started building her bases in space from where she could hit targets on the ground. Both the United States and Russia have produced small bombs that could be fired through artilleries and machine guns. The bombs the United States used in Iraq and Afghanistan had atomic particles, which harmed humans and cattle. These are all war crimes, but no action was taken against the United States or Russia by any court?

Atomic Energy for Peaceful Purposes
In contrast, the United States stops the developing countries from using atomic energy for peaceful purposes in the name of the NPT and threatens to attack them. The best example is Iran, the country that wants to use atomic energy as an alternate to petrol required by its industries. For this purpose, Iran has constructed atomic facilities, which the United States wants to destroy.
An Iranian religious scholar has announced that use of atomic weapons is forbidden in Islam so Iran would not use it under any circumstances. Despite this assurance, the United States is accusing Iran of producing atomic weapons in secret. The US efforts have led the UNSC to pass three condemnatory resolutions against Iran. The US is also trying to get more restrictions imposed on it. George W. Bush constantly threatened to attack Iran. Obama is also saying that the time is running out for Iran so she needs to immediately halt her uranium enrichment because the world cannot wait for Iran to produce atomic weapons.
However, his deputy Joe Biden has said that Israel as an independent country has the right to take action against Iran. Israel sees Iran as a potential threat to its existence and the United States would not stand in Israel's way if she decides to do something in its interest.
This clearly shows that the United States is giving a go ahead to Israel for attacking Iran. But Obama and his deputy must know that Iran is also an independent country. It also considers Israel as a threat and has the right to do whatever she thinks is right for her defense. The United States should not stand in its way, but these Westerners are two-faced. They think they have the right for everything, but do not respect the rights of others.
If Iran poses a threat to the United States and Israel, do not the United States and Israel pose a danger to Iran? Why did the United States travel for 11,000 miles to invade Iraq and Afghanistan? Why does it has its military's central command in Qatar? Why does she have a seaport in Bahrain? Does Iran have a seaport in the Mexican Gulf? Then who poses a threat to whom; Iran to the United States or the United States to Iran? The head of the United States national intelligence agency has said that Iran had halted her atomic project in 2003. Despite this claim, Admiral Mullen believed that Iran could produce an atomic bomb in three months time (25 May). He gave this statement on 24 May. It has been four months, but his claim did not come true. This shows that Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, is a liar. He said this to pave way for an attack on Iran. If the United States or Israel decides to attack Iran, it would be disastrous for the Zionist state. The United States installations in the gulf will be destroyed. The tankers taking oil to Europe, the United States, and Japan will be blocked or burnt down.

US Atomic Policy
It was due to the US atomic policy that provided Israel with the atomic technology and know-how because of which Israel has 400 atomic weapons at present. To make matters worse, it has not signed the NPT. Iran, however, has not signed the NPT, and is also complying with it. It has also allowed the IAEA to examine its atomic power agencies. Still, Israel is not held responsible, but Iran is accused of spreading the atomic weapons. It was surprising that the IAEA urged Israel in its conference in Vienna on 18 September to let the IAEA examine its atomic facility and to sign the NPT. This resolution was narrowly passed by 49 votes for and 45 votes against. The Israeli camp denounced the decision and refused to cooperate with it. Their stance was that this organization has unfairly targeted a state, which is surrounded by hostile neighbors who threaten its survival. Obama's ambassador Glyn Davis went a step further and publicly rejected this resolution, calling it redundant. He associated it with political bias, which does not take into account the atomic complexities of Middle East.
Someone should ask Obama why he is targeting Iran and Pakistan. Can't he see Israel's 400 atomic weapons? The resolution states that countries at the time of transferring the atomic technology must make it obvious to other countries that the UN can inspect their atomic facilities. In this case, why did the United States exempt India's atomic facilities from being inspected in the atomic technology accord?
It is easier for the United States to give advice to others, but it cannot implement it itself. For instance, the United States has not yet signed the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) that advocates a test ban, but says that a ban should be imposed on fissile material. In reality, the big powers want to protect their reserves of destructive weapons. They also want to stop other nations from producing them in order to maintain their domination. The atomic weapons could not be eradicated like this.

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