Sunday, October 25, 2009

Development in Pak-Russia Relations

Pakistani Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has recently been on an official visit to China. Other than meetings with the Chinese leadership, Prime Minister Gilani also met the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization's (SCO) annual meeting. According to the encouraging reports, from this meeting held few days ago, Pak-Russia relationships are taking birth again.

Four-Point Strategy
On the eve of the SCO meeting, the Pakistani prime minister believed that a permanent membership of organization should be given to Pakistan; moreover, the prime minister also suggested a four-point strategy for the extension of the SCO. Prime Minister Gilani's half an hour predetermined meeting with the Russian Prime Minister Putin continued for an hour and fifteen minutes, in which the Russian Prime Minister showed keen interest for the resolution of Kashmir issue.
The sources are also off the view that Russia has also purposed an arbitrator for resolving the Kashmir issue, which is quite an encouraging step. The Russian President while assuring the Prime Minister Gilani of supporting the comprehensive Indo-Pak dialogue has said that both the countries should continue talks, so that the peace situation in the region moves towards betterment. Russian Prime Minister Putin at that time offered assistance for the upgradation of the Pakistan Steel Mill.
The Russian prime minister also said that Pakistan is the most important country in the region, and we want to take this important country along. With regard to Pakistan's permanent membership in the SCO, Russia clearly stated that it will support Pakistan. Later, the prime minister addressed the Investment Forum, and requested the foreign investors to invest in Pakistan while assuring them complete security. While responding to a question regarding the Kerry-Lugar Bill, the prime minister said that parliament will take the decision regarding this bill.

Role of SCO
Pakistani Prime Minister Gilani's visit to China is of significant value, as the nominated prime minster officially visited the People's Republic Of China after a long time, and its fruits have started to show. China, who has cemented its dominance on the international economy, has always favored Pakistan on every forum before as well, and now by favoring Pakistan's policies to counter terrorism, China has once again proved that it is such a friend of Pakistan who is there to help Pakistan on every difficult stage. At least this is satisfying that Pak-China friendship does not depend upon the rulers; rather its roots are from the people of both the countries.
The role SCO is playing in the region, if we keep this in view than the Prime Minister Gilani's demand of permanent membership is extremely right and reasonable. Presently, the economical crisis of which Pakistan is a victim of, it requires that the countries which are the member of the SCO, according to Pakistan's role and importance should give it a status, which it deserves.

Resolving Kashmir Issue
The development in the relationship with the country like Russia started at a time when the US influence in the region was mounting. Pakistan always ignored the relationships with Russia on the US behest. The US role in Russia-Afghanistan war is quite evident on the entire world, and on that time dictatorship was dominant in Pakistan, and in such situations, decisions are independent and personal. Now when the democracy has emerged, the bilateral relationship development with Russia is extremely essential. The Kashmir issue is such a controversy amid Pakistan and India, whose resolution can only bring the wave of permanent peace in the region. Regarding this, Russia's proposal of an arbitrator proves that Russia is not unaware of the regional affairs.
It is a misfortune of Pakistan that its dictators, for their and US benefit did not allowed it (Pakistan)to secure a place that it deserves. The US intrusion in Pakistan always forced Pakistan to keep aloof with Russia. The United States is unable to control the Pakistani public other wise till now, distances would have taken birth between Pakistan and China as well. Presently, at this stage, when the entire world is a victim of terrorism threats, it is necessary for the Pakistani leadership to take such steps that considers good mutually peaceful environment with all the countries.
The progress in relationships with Russia is good news. It is required that Pakistan takes its decision like a independent state, and it should not require permission from a third country in order to increase relationships with other countries. It is the very attribute of a living nation, and Pakistan will have to adopt the same custom, so that Pakistan's future could prosper with the economical assistance.

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