Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Developed Nations Ignores Threat of Climate Change

The much-publicized international conference organized in New Delhi recently on climate change ended without any concrete conclusion. Developed countries are not ready to give green technology to developing countries at cheap rates. It was expected that an agreement on it would be reached during the Delhi conference, but they have only disappointed us.

Rapidly Emitting Comparatively Gases
It is clear that there is no change in the attitude of developed countries. Even after struggling hard at Kyoto, Bali, and the UN, they are ignoring the imminent threat of climate change.

The figures released by UN show that developed countries are rapidly emitting comparatively more gases, whereas the rate of gas emission by developing countries is much lower in comparison to them.

Prohibitory Laws
The developed countries expect developing countries, which are facing the serious problem of poverty, to cut down their emission to the expected level, but they themselves are not ready to do it. In addition to that, they are also trying to exert pressure on weaker countries by passing prohibitory laws.

In this situation, developing countries cannot be tied down in any legal limit at the cost of their development. They would decide about cutting down emission on their own, looking at their needs. In this context, developing countries have seen a new ray of hope by the agreement between India and China, recently.

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