Thursday, October 1, 2009

Iran Proves Its Courageous Stand: Test-Fires Shahab Missile

Iran is in headlines again. Just two days before talks on non-proliferation were to start with big powers, Iran has fired dangerous and powerful missiles on an experimental basis. Before this, Iran had disclosed that it is building another plant for uranium enrichment. Because of this, the United States was concerned about Iran's nuclear program and the European powers were also intensely worried. This worry had increased with the successful launching of Iran's Shahab missile, causing intense consternation among big powers.

Opposition of Big Powers
The United States and other big powers opine that in Middle East, only Israel should be allowed to possess nuclear weapons. The Muslim and Arab countries, in particular, under no circumstances, should be allowed to become nuclear powers.

It is strange that the United States and the European powers are protesting against Iran becoming a nuclear power, keeping in view that Israel itself became a nuclear power without the knowledge of any international agency, and has built up a large arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Israel's relations are tense with its neighboring countries and also with the entire Arab world. It has also fought wars with these countries, and seized their land, particularly the Palestinian land, and broken all norms of humanity against them, from a humanitarian point of view and also under the international law. Israel has been given a free hand.

The responsibility of controlling this warmongering country with an aggressive bent of mind should be on the international community. Even after giving a free rein to Israel, big powers keep tightening their grip on Iraq or sometimes on Iran, for which there is no legitimate reason.

Criticism of Nuclear Program
Today, for no rhyme or reason, Iran's nuclear program is being criticized and being shown as a danger to the world. The same dangers were also attributed to Iraq. Approximately 30 years ago, Israel had destroyed Iraq's nuclear plant Osirak by its aggressive and unprovoked bombing. That time also, nobody criticized Israel's actions.

The world had called the Israeli action a humanitarian act. Deprived of its nuclear weapons, Iraq was then deprived of all its weapons of war, after the second Iraq War. Israel continues to possess nuclear weapons and also a large arsenal of destructive weapons, which it has manufactured itself or acquired from the United States and other countries to be used against the Palestinians. After destroying Iraq completely, the United States is exercising full control over it. Now, the United States is turning its attention toward Iran. Israel and the United States are making aggressive plans against Iran.

When Iran started constructing another nuclear plant to increase its nuclear capabilities, it informed the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) about it formally. Despite this, the United States and its allies are creating a furor about it. This is unfair and illegal, and also an open act of aggression and warmongering. If Iran is making nuclear weapons for its own protection, the United States and Israel should have no objections to it, as Israel has many times more powerful weapons than Iran. Aggressive plans against Iran have already drawn by the United States. US President Barack Obama has also warned Iran that if it continues with its nuclear program, it should be ready for war with big powers.

War Against Iran
It is fortunate that the present international situation has prevented the United States and its NATO allies from starting war against Iran. The United States also realizes that by starting war with Iran, it could be a loser instead of a winner. The Muslim countries will realize, if not now then later, that they are being wiped out, one-by-one. The day these Muslim leaders realize this and stop thinking of their own selfish ends, the United States will realize that it is in deep trouble.

By clarifying its position on the uranium enrichment plant and missiles testing in the UN conference, Iran has given proof of its courageous stand. We should praise its ambitions and the fact that it has ignored the threat from big powers to continue with its nuclear program to strengthen itself. The Iranian president is now replying to the US threats with his own threats. This is how Iran is fighting its war against those who are threatening its very existence.

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