Saturday, May 29, 2010

US Unnecessary Concerns Over Iranian Nuclear Program

In his telephone conversation with Turkish Prime Minister Ragheb Tayyip Erdogan, US President Barack Obama has said that Iran's recent steps would not help in improving mutual trust. Efforts will be continued for imposing new sanctions against Iran.
During his talk with Erdogan, Obama acknowledged Turkey and Brazil's efforts for reaching an agreement under which Iran agreed to send half of its low-enriched uranium to Turkey for conversion into nuclear fuel. However, the US president maintained that the international community does have concerns over Iran's overall nuclear program.

Proposed UN Sanctions
Meanwhile, Iran while rejecting the proposed UN sanctions against it stated that they would not make any effect on it, but would further strain its relations with the United States. Iran's agreement with Turkey and Brazil regarding conversion of uranium into nuclear fuel has also been presented to the UN Security Council.

President Obama's statements suggest that the United States is not willing to show any flexibility in spite of Teheran's soft attitude on its nuclear material, and Washington continues the practice of making demands to Teheran. Thus, it is apprehended that Iran too can withdraw from its flexible attitude after issuance of such statements by the US president, which will again make the issue more critical.

The US Administration should now realize that the way it wants to change the world always created problems in the past, and it is again now becoming a cause of creating new problems. Particularly, its attitude towards Iran is beyond one's ken.

The United States describes Iran's program as a threat to the region as well as the entire world, However, it is not noticing the aggressive activities and expansionist designs of Israel in the same region. Until today, Iran has not occupied any other country's areas. However, the entire world knows about Israel that it occupied Palestinian areas, is making a continuous expansion, while the Palestinian areas are becoming limited.

Israel's Violent Activities
Israel's violent activities continue. On 20 May also, Israeli Army assaulted Palestinian women and children in Janine city of the occupied West Bank. Such activities continue for the last 60 years. But, perhaps the United States, its allies and the supporter countries do not see it as they always keep the direction of the cannons of their statements toward Iran.

Since Iran's agreement with Turkey and Brazil regarding nuclear fuel has been presented to the UN Security Council, it is needed that this institute, which is a guarantor of world peace, should be let free to take an independent decision. The United States and its allied countries should avoid influencing it, as it can mar any improving situation.

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