Friday, May 14, 2010

UN Commission Report on Benazir Bhutto's Assassination

As the UN commission report on Benazir Bhutto's assassination has tried to make many things clear, it has also created many confusions regarding hosing down the site of the incident. The United Nations is said to be a representative body of all the nations, but it also serves the United States. It is either Kofi Annan or Ban ki-Moon, they have been holding the slot of secretary general of the United Nations just to the extent of splitting hair.

The former and the present secretary general of the United Nations may have high qualities and wisdom as persons, but whatever line they adopt is controlled by the United States on one side. Thus, to presume that the United Nations is an independent, autonomous, pro-justice, bold and a high moral-value body may be greatness of a thinker, but it has nothing to do with reality.

Suspicions and Apprehensions
The United Nations is so great institution that when the United States intended to hit Iraq or Afghanistan, all the representative nations like wolves in sheep's clothing passed the resolutions overnight according to the US aspirations giving it the license to deal with these countries as per its whims, and they would have no objection to it.

They never noticed oppression and tyrannies being committed in Kashmir and Palestine. Rather, Jawaharlal Nehru, the then prime minister, himself took the Kashmir issue to the United Nations; however, later, his attitude towards peaceful solution of the Kashmir issue through the UN remained negative. India's such an attitude still continues. The United Nations has never been in the position to take some steps while preaching justice based on purely human and moral values. The United Nations is a weak puppet, which is being controlled by uncontrolled the United States.

Anyhow, reverting to the UN report on Benazir Bhutto's assassination, there does not seem anything new in it. The report is more or less based on the points, which have been mentioned by our Television channels' anchors from time to time. For instance, why was the site hosed down? Why was post mortem not conducted? Why did the reserved vehicle in the motorcade left the scene earlier?

However, if the UN report has stated anything new, it has been narrated in a way that it seems like killing several birds wit h one stone. For example, the report said that the then DPO (District Police Officer) Rawalpindi said to a third person that an intelligence agency chief called him asking him to wash the site. Thus, the martyrdom of Benazir was attempted to be given two directions so that the things proceeded in a way that the facts remained on the background.

As the United Nations has always been kind to Pakistan, how could its constituted commission remain behind in expressing love for Pakistan? The Pakistani Government moved to the United Nations with sincerity and good intentions. However, it depends on the United Nations how it slants its reports and applies them to the Third World countries. They created a mischief, which is likely to create more suspicions and apprehensions regarding Benazir's martyrdom.

However, the incumbent government immediately formed an investigation committee. A senior civilian bureaucrat was appointed as its head and two other members -- one civilian and one military man -- were made its members so that they could determine whether a military person was involved in washing the site. In addition to the general, Saud Aziz, the then DPO Rawalpindi and some other persons also appeared before the committee and they recorded their respective statements. The statement of Saud Aziz exposed the UN report by claiming that the decision to wash the site was taken by him. He must have adjudged that as the ground was paved for emergence of confrontation among institutions by unnecessarily complicating the issue, the people are also facing an uncertain situation. He, thus, put the facts before the nation that no intelligence agency head interfered in this issue.

UN Intentions
What a great job was done by the UN commission? It pocketed heavy amount as fees and instead of informing people about the causes of the death of Benazir Bhutto, it started blaming the Pakistan's secret agencies, and also tried to involve them in this dirty game. The Pakistani nation is well-aware of the intentions of the United Nations and its commission, and knows that it will never receive any good news from them.

Even then, we have no other option and we have to depend on the United Nations and its commissions in our matters. And this society perhaps developed an acquaintance with the word 'commission', and every commission looks that it is our own, though it is an investigation commission instead of any financial or deal commission.

Institutions and Intelligence Agencies
As for the UN commission's report, if the SHO of Liaqat Bagh Police Station is encouraged to probe into the incident 'just for the sake of God', he may bring about better facts and disclosures than that the United Nations. Our own institutions and intelligence agencies are quite efficient. They are so efficient that they can be dubbed as 'Shan-e Kai' in the words of Iqbal. Then why is investigation of any incident occurring on this land not assigned to them? May God save this country from the enemies who are in the form of friends! If the United Nations is not an enemy to Pakistan, it can even not be described as a friend. The more we remain alert from it, the better it would be, as no one ever saw this institution speaking its own voice.

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