Sunday, May 2, 2010

Malaysia Wants To Establish Good Diplomatic Ties With US

Prime Minister Najib Razak said in Tokyo recently that when the Malaysian Government wanted to establish good diplomatic ties with any country, it did not mean that Malaysia would kowtow or bow to the knee to surrender to that country। He said that in fact Malaysia did not kowtow to any country as Malaysia has its own policies and ideas.

Prime Minister Najib said this in Tokyo when he held meeting with Malaysian students studying in Japan। Najib said that before he visited Japan, has visited the United States. He stressed that when he was in the United States, he did not make Malaysia kowtowing to the United States as some people in Malaysia claimed and accused.

Bilateral Discussion
Prime Minister Najib was invited by US President Barack Obama to participate in the International Nuclear Security Summit। He also held bilateral talk with President Obama as sideline of the Nuclear Security Summit. While in the United States, Prime Minister Najib said he was pleased to meet with leaders in the US business and political circles as well as well known national leaders. Prime Minister Najib stressed that Malaysia was among the nine countries that President Obama has taken time to receive and engage in bilateral discussion. He said that to Malaysia, it was indeed an honor.

Prime Minister Najib stressed that such meeting with US national leader should not be construed and misinterpreted as Malaysia kowtowing to major power। Prime Minister Najib said Malaysia engaged bi-lateral talk with the United States because Malaysia has attained certain achievement and such achievement was respected by the United States.

Prime Minister said this in his speech at the gathering organized by the MARA Education Fund that managed to call upon more than 300 Malaysian students studying in Japan also some Malaysians who worked in Japan to listen to Najib's talk। When addressing the group, Prime Minister Najib said: "I think I did not kowtow to the United States."

Maintaining Hostile Attitude
Prime Minister Najib said perhaps he was different from other national leaders in the country। This was because he has chosen to have closer interaction with the United States.

He said: "To become intimate friend with them (the United States) or to become mutually respected friend is better than we criticizing them as what Malaysia has done in the past।"

In response to query that back in Malaysia he was negatively criticized by political rivals at the Hulu Selangor by-election campaign, Prime Minister Najib stressed that when he returned to Malaysia, he would point out to the fact that the criticism on him was baseless and not based on moral ethic. He said: "This is also the reason why I must work hard. I have gone to the United States, to Saudi Arabia and now I am in Japan. I want to rectify the wrong perception about me that has become widespread rumors."

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