Thursday, May 13, 2010

US Compelled To Change Strategy in Changed Scenario

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has again made an offer of reconciliation to the Afghan Taliban. Although the US conditions for this purpose are highly strict and perhaps unacceptable for the Taliban, yet Hillary Clinton's statement certainly underlines the fact that the United States is gradually developing flexibility in its attitude toward the Taliban. In his recent book, a former CIA director has written, "the United States is fighting against the enemy, which is a creation of its own imagination."

It seems that the United States is now witnessing the growing strength of its real opponents, but in spite of the US rulers' unwillingness, their war against moderate progressive forces of the entire world is going to begin once again. And in this context, the United States is compelled to bring a change in its strategy and again move to its "traditional allies." As for the Taliban, the US relationship with them has been a mix of contradictory states of separation and alliance like the story of a nightingale and flower. And this game of "settlement" can resume at any time in the changed scenario.

Presence of US and NATO Forces
The US dream of occupying Afghanistan has not come true, nor have North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces secured any success in establishing peace there. Despite presence of the US and NATO forces and committing of every sort of tyranny against the pro-independence Afghan people, in addition to the Hamid Karzai government could establish its writ but even drug smuggling from Afghanistan could not be controlled. And the United States had to seek support from Russia in order to check drug smuggling.

After establishing its influence on the Central Asian states in opposition of the United States, Russia has again increased its interference in Afghanistan. In addition to checking narcotics smuggling, Russia is also soon joining a big agreement regarding exploring gas and oil in Afghanistan. However, the contract of exploiting big reservoirs of gold and metal in Lugar area has been given to the Chinese company, MCC.

Emerging Big and Real Challenges
The growing role of Russia and China in the region, including Afghanistan is emerging as a big and real challenges for the United States. In this perspective, the United States is again feeling the need of its traditional allies to deal with these countries. The US officials, thus, again want to use the Taliban to create instability in the region.

However, the situation has changed now, and we cannot expect from the Afghan people who want to get rid of the US intervention and superiority that they would again be trapped in the US net. The regional states, their governments and the people will have to remain vigilant of the US rulers' conspiracies in order to maintain their independence and sovereignty and to ensure their peaceful and prosperous future.

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