Saturday, May 22, 2010

Afghan War Will Blast US, Europe From Within

Hillary Clinton is the secretary of state of the United States. During the last US elections, she tried her best to be nominated presidential candidate from the platform of Democratic Party; however, she did not succeed. Incumbent President Obama was declared to be the most suitable candidate for the election of the president and he also won the election. The lobbies that wanted to see Hillary elected as president adopted another way in order to avoid disappearing from US political scene. They devised several plans and finally Hillary was nominated for the position of secretary of state. These lobbies succeeded here and Hillary was appointed secretary of state.

Hillary Clinton is wife of former President Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was a Democrat president. Even during that time, Hillary was politically very active. Her husband had his own view about the global issues. He did his level best to change the political landscape of South Asia; however, he did not succeed. Practically, he was influenced by the Indian lobby. Hillary's mindset forces her to bend toward India. She appears to be very close to the think tanks who look upon the joint and individual influence of China and Pakistan as a major obstacle in the way of long-term US policy and consider India to be the most important power of this region or want to give India that status, which is nothing but a figment of their imagination.
Taliban and Al-Qa'ida Leadership
Very recently, Hillary Clinton gave a very harsh statement against Pakistan. In this statement, she said some of the people in Pakistani Government know about the whereabouts of leadership of Afghan Taliban and Al-Qa'ida. She threatened that if Pakistan continued to be negligent toward this matter, the United States, itself, will strike in Pakistani areas. This statement of hers induced a strong reaction in Pakistan. The Senate, too, approved a resolution against it.

The United States is the only superpower at this time. There is no second power in the world that could defy any of the steps it takes on international level. Therefore, the US political attitudes have changed. Ever since the era of former President Ronald Reagan, the US administrations started to change their attitude in global politics and the principle of waging war for the sake of preventing war was introduced. It became the foundation of Reagan Doctrine later. The strategy of war proved successful against Russian expansion. Pakistan, during the era of President Ziaul Haq, played a key role in the success of this strategy. Russia suffered defeat in Afghanistan. Not only was Russia defeated but the Russian communist empire was also shattered to pieces. Former President Bush and the presidents elected after him continued the policy of might is right.
Withdrawal of Forces From Iraq and Afghanistan
The American nation is sick of the aftermath of this strategy of war. They elected Obama as their new president. Obama had raised the slogan of change. However, the change for which the American people had elected Obama president never came about. President Obama, who had promised to withdraw forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, did not fulfill his promise. On the contrary, despite the public pressure, he decided to commit fresh troops to Afghanistan. He had taken this decision under the pressure of Pentagon, Department of State and Zionist lobbies. However, it did not bear any positive fruit. The major operation which was launched in Helmand, after the arrival of these troops, failed.
When President Obama became president, the same lobbies that had clutched George Bush, Bill Clinton and George W Bush, closed in on him. The United States had accused Iraq of possessing destructive weapons and developing weapons of mass destruction and said that these weapons were a threat to the neighboring countries, which are friends of the United States. It did not remain a secret any longer that this accusation was false and baseless. Intoxicated by power, the United States ripped through Iraq and proved that might is all right. In Europe, the United States destroyed Czechoslovakia because it was the only communist government left. It wanted to do the same to Afghanistan. However, here they failed.

In Afghanistan, the United States went even further than the principle of waging war for the sake of preventing war. In this case, the United States went on a war as a precautionary measure. The American and Israeli Jews call it right to preventive war. They used the same technique in Afghanistan. They thought that if the Taliban, who claim to have formed an Islamic government, succeeded here, the entire American and European civilization would be jeopardized.
Atrocities Against Sikhs
The Sikhs are very lighthearted and they enjoy jokes. They like to tell and listen to the jokes about themselves. They do not mind it the slightest bit. One of their jokes is very famous. There were several villages of Sikhs spread around at small distances at a place. The Sikhs of one village thought that they should cultivate sugar cane, as it earns a lot of profit. A wise Sikh said: although, it is something very profitable but if the people of the neighboring village chewed all sugar cane, we will suffer huge loss. Then, with mutual consultation, they decided to teach the neighbors a lesson. Therefore, they raised the slogan of Sat Sri Akal (victory belongs to them who recite the name of God with true heart) and invaded the neighboring village and annihilated everything. The villagers asked the invaders: brothers, what was our fault that you inflicted this misery upon us? The invaders brandished their clubs and said: "Chew more sugar canes!"
The United States have been doing since 1981 what the Sikhs did here. The invasion of Afghanistan had a similar reason; and now the United States is thinking the same about Iran. However, it cannot do the same to Iran; nor can it drive Pakistan with this whip because the US and Pakistani military leaderships are in harmony.
Pakistan-US Ties
In this statement, Hillary said: "The relations between Pakistan and the United States have improved. Pakistan's efforts against terrorism are appreciable." It appears that Hillary issued this comparatively soft statement under the pressure of US military leadership. Thus, the differences between US military and civil leaderships have started to become visible.

Unless President Obama gets rid of his present advisors, he will not succeed in establishing peace and the Afghan war will blast the United States and Europe from within.

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