Sunday, May 2, 2010

Revival of Pakistan-India Composite Dialogue

The Prime Ministers of Pakistan and India have met on the sidelines of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Summit in Thimphu (Bhutan) and again agreed for the revival of composite dialogue that was deadlocked after Mumbai attacks। The two leaders also held an informal meeting on the occasion of the summit, both expressed good will gestures, and also walked together for a while in SAARC village during which views were exchanged on different affairs. On the very next day the two prime ministers held formal talks, with the agenda of reviving the composite dialogue.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and the Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao told that the two countries have agreed on resumption of composite dialogue। Foreign Minister Qureshi acknowledged that there is trust deficit between the two countries and the composite dialogue can help remove this trust deficit. The Indian foreign secretary said dialogue is the only course to resolve disputes.

Internal Indian Politics
Shah Mahmud Qureshi had said that Manmohan Singh is a positive person but the internal Indian politics is preventing him from establishing better relationship with Pakistan। At present, the political parties of India play the card of Pakistan-India relationship.

Every political party tries to excel others in its anti-Pakistan policy on the occasion of elections because it is believed that a party which is more anti-Pakistan can get more votes। This is a strange logic. They are unaware of the fact that majority of the Indian people are fed up with the anti-Pakistan policies of the political parties.

Impact of Madhuri Gupta's Arrest
India has arrested a woman diplomat of its high commission in Islamabad, Madhuri Gupta from New Delhi for allegedly spying for Pakistan, while monitoring of the RAW station head in Islamabad has been tightened। The Indian news agencies quotes authorities in the Indian Intelligence Bureau as saying that Madhuri Gupta was working as the second secretary in the press wing of the Indian High Commission in Islamabad and she was providing intelligence regarding India to Pakistani intelligence agencies.

The woman was called to New Delhi four days ago on the pretext of consultations about SAARC Summit। The charge on which the Indian woman was arrested is India's internal matter but the Indian authorities often level such charges against passengers and the Indian Muslims. Charges have been leveled against a high-ranking official of the Indian High Commission after a long time. The Pakistani authorities are required to be very cautious and watchful in this regard because India had coined such pretexts before starting 1965 and 1971 wars.

Demand of Situation
They are of the view that instead of stoking tensions, the political parties of India should provide relief to the people bogged down in the quagmire of poverty। If closely seen, a large number of people in India are presently forced to live a life below the poverty line. However, the rulers obsessed by war frenzy ignore education, other sectors and engaged in stockpiling weapons.

The revival of composite dialogue between the prime ministers of Pakistan and India is a welcoming step. Now, Manmohan Singh should come out of the sphere of regional politics and don't pay heed to the opposition parties. He should respect the opinion of the Indian people and extend a hand of friendship to Pakistan.

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