Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Whither Resolution to Kashmir Issue?

The Kashmir issue has been hanging fire for the past six decades. It is the misfortune of Kashmir, recognized as a paradise on the earth, that it could not have peace ever since India's partition. Kashmir at present is divided into two parts. One part is with India while the other is under Pakistan's occupation. It is owing to this division that the two countries are striving to capture each other's territory.

Confrontation Between India and Pakistan
Kashmiris are stranded between the confrontations of the two countries. Both nations are employing military means and ways in order to retain their occupation. It is because of the military interference that a violent movement is created in the region. The Indian armed forces have been deployed throughout Jammu and Kashmir.

There is massive protest by the people in Kashmir against military deployment in the region. Kashmiris do not desire any kind of interference in the region. Identical conditions prevail in the Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (PoK). There the Pakistani Government is not paying attention to the economic development there. Military activities are at their peak in this territory. The common people find themselves entrapped in the quagmire of poverty. That is why Kashmiris on both sides are irked by the two countries.

Allegation of Spreading Terrorism
It is distressing to note that the governments of the two countries are prolonging the Kashmir issue. India and Pakistan are leveling the allegation of spreading terrorism in this region against each other. Former Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor maintains that no decline has taken place in the support being extended by the Pakistani Government to armed formations active within Pakistan and despite the international pressure in the wake of the Mumbai attacks senior jihadi (crusader) leaders, including Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, are roaming free in its territory. Identical statements are forthcoming from the Pakistani Government and military.

The Pakistani Government maintains that is not interfering in Jammu and Kashmir. According to it the Jihad [crusade] in Jammu and Kashmir has been unleashed due to the highhandedness and excesses of the Indian Government and Kashmiris desire freedom from India and its government.

Sight for Resolution
The violent confrontation has intensified over the past two-and-half decades. Endeavors have been made at the international level several times to resolve the issue but to no avail. Nothing has come out of such attempts. One of the reasons is that both nations do not desire to solve the impasse. No interest is being evinced in the global-level politics. In such circumstances, no solution is in sight for the resolution of the Kashmir problem. It is the duty of the two countries to join heads with a view to explore an early solution to the issue hanging fire since the partition.

The international community should mete out justice to Kashmiris by coming forward without any further loss of time and help make the region a territory free of all disputes. India and Pakistan have already suffered a lot because of the Kashmir issue. They can ill afford to further linger on this problem. It would be better to solve it through bilateral talks peacefully.

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