Monday, April 12, 2010

Nuclear Security Summit

The world is often under the threat of destruction, whether it is attributed to the deeds of human beings or disasters brought down by the Almighty. While natural disasters such as earthquake, typhoon with all sorts of names, flood and tsunami are enough to teach a lesson to all livings on the earth, human beings directly conspire to destroy the world because of ego, revenge, differences in religion and skin color, arrogance, fighting for territories and all sorts of other reasons that they use to justify their ends, no matter what means they resort to.

Nuclear technology, in spite of benefiting human beings and the world, many lives have been sacrificed and many properties have been destroyed by it because of clashes. Human beings took tens of centuries to construct civilizations, all buildings constructed using sweat and millions of money, and the beautiful mother nature were destroyed in a blink of an eye.

The explosion of atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki rang the curtain up on modern destruction and became a reality in human history. The usage of nuclear arms is now a huge threat to the world. When these dangerous weapons are used extensively, just by pressing a button from thousands of kilometers away or from a combat jet, the world would turn into a completely destroyed land in a blink of an eye.

Washington Summit
The two-day Nuclear Security Summit held in Washington starting 12 April is an important meeting for this world, which is full of controversies in this century, amidst the threat of terrorism and various forms of crisis -- from economic recession to racial and ethnic conflicts.

Though it is difficult for countries in this world to resolve the problem of proliferation, the summit will still work to find way toward a consensus. Countries invited to attend the summit are considered as having their own role to play. Malaysia is represented by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who is undoubtedly concerned of global peace, in this two-day summit.

Najib's US Visit
Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is now in Washington for his nine-day working visit to the United States. He is one of the 40 world leaders to attend the summit upon invitation from President Barack Obama. Malaysia is not a country possessing nuclear weapons. Yet, Malaysia's attendance is deemed important to prove that Malaysia supports the effort to ban extensive use of nuclear weapons.

Malaysia acknowledges the importance to advance in nuclear technology for good purposes, such as energy and medical purposes. Nuclear technology can produce cheaper electricity and become an alternative to fuel in generating energy.

As a country with a majority of its population are Muslims, Malaysia's attendance in the summit is an example to show that Islam is not to be linked with terrorism. Nuclear terrorism must not linked with Muslims and Islamic countries.

Negative Development
As for nuclear arms, though the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) has become the 'bible' to countries with tendency toward developing technology of nuclear weapons, it often causes conflict.

Some countries continue with their weapon tests. The ban and the world's view are swept aside. In general, advancement of nuclear technology leads more to negative development. Today, the world seems cannot function without nuclear weapons. Without nuclear weapons, a country may have to bow to world powers possessing the destructive weapons.

Countries with nuclear weapons have the power to threaten weak countries. Superpowers especially the United States appear to be so prominent in controlling proliferation, but in the eyes of the world, this country has 'tested' its capacity when it attacked Iraq.

Fight Against Nuclear Terrorism
The United States is the most advanced country in nuclear technology. Several other countries also develop nuclear technology, but they are forced to confront with objection from various quarters, including warnings from the United States itself.

Some countries stand firm in developing nuclear technology on a concrete reason -- they do not become victims bullied by superpowers.

The issue of nuclear weapons often brings negative atmosphere to the world. All treaties on nuclear are seen to have certain motives. The United States uses nuclear terrorism to justify. All countries with nuclear technology program are often considered as having their own agenda.

Malaysia also has its agenda. Malaysia's agenda is to invite all countries in this world to move toward a peaceful world.

It is difficult for the United States to convince the world that its action to champion the cause of fighting against nuclear terrorism is sincere. For most countries, whatever comes from the United States, its sincerity is always disputable.

Many countries which have interest in the development of nuclear technology have different agenda from the United States. This is a huge challenge Obama has to face. Since Obama was the person initiated this summit, the world hopes to see a firm decision, especially in preventing proliferation.

Malaysia does not directly suggest that developing nuclear technology would destroy the world, but it will give support to developing nuclear technology for the benefit of the world.

Malaysia does not have any nuclear weapon or any weapon that could destroy the world. The world should listen to the countries that do not have their interest in the development of destructive nuclear weapons.

Hope for Positive Outcome
It is hoped that Obama administration will reduce the usage of nuclear weapons through its new policy on nuclear weapons and will give assurance that the United States will cut down its dependence on nuclear weapons for its national defense.

This can happen if the United States does not any new target to attack and this will definitely free the world from nuclear threat.

If the United States can do this, there is no reason why other countries, which also develop their nuclear weapons cannot do the same. There is no way for the United States to instruct other countries to close down their nuclear plants while they themselves can do whatever they want.
The world welcomes Obama's pledge to bring peace to the world. It is hoped that the summit this time will open a new page for the benefit of the world and all human kinds. Development of nuclear weapons must not be made as a defense strategy as it will eventually bring destruction to ourselves.

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