Sunday, April 18, 2010

Growing Prejudice Against Muslim World

Prejudice against Muslims and Islam is growing with each passing day. Now, a stage has been reached where this problem is not confined to a particular area, but has spread all over, and effects of this prejudice can be seen everywhere, in every country, and in every aspect of life.
It seems that enemies of Islam do not want to leave any area of Islamic life untouched. Education, society, economics--in every area of life, prejudice against Islam has not been left untouched. Now, even the army is coming under the ambit of their criticism, and this line of thinking is being given free rein.

Height of Shamelessness
Ishtiaq Ahmed, spokesperson of the Council of Mosques in Bradford, the United Kingdom, which runs religious schools and mosques, has said that when the British Army carries out target practice, it uses models of mosques. This is the height of prejudice and shamelessness. Mosques that Muslims consider dearer to them than their own life are now being used as objects to be destroyed. This is their way of telling the world that they do not consider a mosque to be an abode of peace, but a center of terrorism, and a house of war.
When criticism arose over this practice, the reply was that that when troops before being sent to Afghanistan were being imparted training, by bombing models of mosques they were learning how to handle the situation when a mosque is involved.

Intensity of Reaction
Great! What a ridiculous and laughable reply! No right thinking person will accept this reply from enemies of Islam as truth. If, along with model of a mosque, there had been model of a lane or town of Afghanistan, then maybe this reply would have been accepted. But this is just maybe. Anyway, if it the intention were to prepare bombers to the atmosphere in Afghanistan, then one model would have been enough, while here innumerable models of mosques have been kept. Seeing the intensity of the reaction among Muslims, the British Home Ministry has stepped back and even issued a letter of apology, that the intention was not to malign any religion or to hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims, but just an army exercise. They also promised to be more careful in the future.

Just how much longer will they continue to play with sentiments of peace-loving Muslims? This is not the only incident of this kind. For practically everyday, in some part of the world, enemies of Islam continue with their nefarious activities. Sometimes, it is on the name of Prophet of Islam, the most revered name for Muslims. At times, his cartoons are made while at other times, taking a verse from the Quran, and distorting its meaning and at other times, destroying a mosque.

Trading Community
These days, the trading community has joined this prejudicial mindset. A skirt has been introduced in market with the "Sura Fateha" printed on it. Muslims recite this verse on every solemn occasion. Not only that, to make matters worse, the verse has been printed at such a place on the skirt that it falls on the private parts of the wearer. Some shoe manufacturers have gone so far as to design footwear with the word Allah on footwear.

For pious Muslims, their faith and holy book Quran are dearer to them than their own lives, and their enemies attack these symbols of their religion mostly. And when Muslims raise their voices against this sacrilege, they are branded as extremists and terrorists. Is defending your religion extremism?

Long-Suffering Community
Muslims is an innocent and long-suffering community. In every age, when he raises his voice, he is termed extremist and terrorist. For a long time, this has been going on and if ever a brave heart raises his voice against these injustices, he is branded as an extremist and terrorist, and many other canards, which make his life hell.

Nevertheless, Muslims are also responsible, to a large extant, for the troubled situation they are facing because they have moved on from the lessons that the holy Quran, the source and guidance book in addition to the holy Hodith, has taught us, and our behavior has changed and moved away from Islam. They have divided themselves into different groups and schools of thought, for which they are being punished. If they only go back to our article of faith, nobody dare lift his eyes against them.

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