Monday, April 19, 2010

Red-Shirted Leaders Stage Armed Rebellion Against Government, Military

Before the capital of Thailand would be deafened by bomb blasts and the noise of guns and during operation of our brave soldiers to ask the red shirts for the return of the area in the vicinity of Phanfa Bridge on Ratchadamnoen Avenue, Kopsak Suphawasu, secretary-general to the prime minister, received a long distance call from someone in Dubai who proposed that Prime Minister Aphisit Vejjajiva resign, appoint Suthep Thuaksuban as caretaker prime minister to amend the Constitution without holding a referendum, and allow an outsider to be the prime minister.

All of these are intended for the setting up of a national government with General Chawalit Yongchaiyut as the prime minister.

Nonviolent and Peaceful Struggle
Of course, the proposals of Thaksin Shinawatra, the fugitive on the run who has been resorting to violence to threaten the Thai society, were not accepted. A few hours after that, a full-fledged war was declared by Aritsaman Phongruangrong on the rally stage at Ratchaprasong intersection, and the fighting broke out at Khok Wua intersection less than 10 minutes later.

Another fact that has been overlooked is that on the afternoon of 10 April, red shirt guards were seen climbing up the poles to cover all the close circuit cameras in the area of Ratchaprasong intersection with black plastic bags -- an act of bad intention. In a nonviolent and peaceful struggle, close circuit cameras must be used to record the fighting between unarmed people and soldiers.

The "red armed group" who mingled with the crowd on that day was certainly not "an unidentified force." They are the red shirt supporters who have been well trained together with ranger soldiers and former communist terrorists. They are on a mission of death which is aimed at killing and waging a civil war with the Thai armed forces at the expense of the lives of the "red shirt protesters."

Second Thaksin Plan
A question that has arisen now is: How could they evade the state authorities' detection in transporting heavy weapons to the rally site?

The easy answer lies with the failure of the intelligence network or the "fifth column" working inside the intelligence apparatuses of the government. These people produce deceptive assessment of the situation to fool the policy makers.

It may be recalled that this tactics is incorporated in the "Second Thaksin Plan." Slave spies embedded in intelligence agencies will feed wrong information to the government so as to cause it to wrongly assess the situation, which will eventually lead to a defeat.

Insurgency Tactics
It may be recalled that the red chief of staff (Major General Khattiya Sawatdiphon, an army specialist) once boastfully said that there would be a people's army fighting against the military with support from the invisible top brass in the armed forces who oppose the power of the 'Eastern Tiger Group.'

It may be recalled that the US intelligence has earlier warned the Thai security community against "Thaksin, the betrayer of the nation." This bad man has been using telephone to supervise subversive activities in Thailand since before the outbreak of the red shirt protest rallies in parallel with the implementation of their daily insurgency tactics, which eventually led to the tragic carnage at Khok Wua intersection.

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