Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nuclear Safety Summit: Endeavors Must Continue

For the past several years deliberations at the international level have been held from time to time to bring about reduction in nuclear arms arsenal amassed across the world. As a part of such endeavors the heads of states of the United States and Russia reached a vital agreement to destroy 30 percent of their nuclear weapons potential in the coming years.

Significant Issue and Commitment
This step taken by the world's two superpowers for the reduction of nuclear weapons has spread awareness on this highly significant issue and commitment to this cause has been discernible in various countries. Yet, there are many such countries that are still engaged in making nuclear bombs, which is a matter of deep concern in rest of the countries.

At present, all eyes are on Iran where the government is proactively engaged in the manufacture of nuclear weapons. Even as the United States and certain other major European countries have come down heavily on Iran from time to time, Iran remains adamant. Doubtless, even the use of a small part of the world's nuclear arsenal would destroy the world to a great extent.

Possibility of Nuclear Weapons
However, now in simultaneous with this, another big concern is being voiced at the global level that in case nuclear weapons fall into the hands of some terrorist organizations that are currently holding out a challenge in a way to many big countries, then the entire world scenario will undergo a massive change. This appears possible owing to the fact that terrorist organizations are proactive in some countries in possession of nuclear weapons. They have carried out incident due to which the governments of the countries concerned are apprehensive.

In such a situation, there is the possibility of nuclear weapons finding their way to terrorist organizations. And in view of the possibility of other countries making efforts to make nuclear weapons, a two-day Nuclear Security Summit is being held in the United States, which is being attended by top leaders from many countries. The participation of the prime ministers of India and Pakistan in this summit can be termed significant. It is highly significant that India has succeeded in the creation of an impression that, from the viewpoint of security, it is a greatly responsible country. Although it is in possession of nuclear potential, it cannot use it for negative objectives.

Revolutionary Step
We conceive of a world free of nuclear weapons but it can be made possible only if big nations make up their mind to eliminate their nuclear reserves first. Then, only other nations can be prevailed on not to make nuclear weapons. It is owing to the fact that big countries have not taken the revolutionary step in this direction that India has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) so far.

Yet, it can be termed a satisfying development that the awareness regarding the risks of massive nuclear destruction has considerably increased. This trend needs to be continued in the future also, so that the vision of a world free from nuclear weapons is actually realized.

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