Friday, January 15, 2010

US Fights Hard Counterterrorism War Like Fighting Cancer Cells

The case of a failed attempt to explode a US aircraft has forced President Barack Obama who is very cautious to avoid using the word "war", raised the topic of war again. This time, when he mentioned this war, he has also set off a domino effect in all international airports and all international flights. He has made everyone to believe that airplane disasters might just happen any minute.
Someone pointed out that Yemen has now become a new terrorist sanctuary. From Iraq to Afghanistan and to Yemen, the way the United States fights the terrorist cells is quite similar to the way a human body fights cancer cells. When a cancer patient tried to put all his effort by taking up a strategic position to hit at the cancer cell that seems to spread around; and when the cancer patient thought the cancer cell was almost eliminated, and when he thought that the fight against cancel seed was always over, little did he knew that the cancel cell has already move to another part of the body quietly.

Counter Terrorism
Similar to the way a human body tries to eliminate a cancer cells, the way to annihilate the terrorists will also need to waste massive financial and human resources. This is in addition to the reality that we have to waste many innocent lives.
The medical field has this to say: within our body there are some existing cancer cells. In the same token, we can also say that within every country there are some potential religious extremists hiding somewhere. The medical field also has this to say: the use of chemotherapy to combat cancer is a hard battle. If there is no natural therapy to supplement this hard battle, then when the cancer relapses, the physical condition of the patient will even become even more difficult to cure.
The US counterterrorism strategy has the similar effect as fight cancer. The US troops detained terrorist suspects, imposed severe torture on them. But there were also time we heard that they also arrested some innocent people, put them in prison for years without given them a fair trial or venue to redress their cases.

Influx of Prisoners of War
News sourced from the Pentagon said that an influx of prisoners of war who were released from the US Guantanamo camp now appearing in Yemen and participating in the jihad war there. We can understand this phenomenon absolutely. Among these jihadists, some of them can really be genuine terrorists who want to do their old business again. However, some of them may not be terrorists. Yet since the US troops arrested them and put them in prison for years, they might have cumulated and built up too much resentment in prison and would need some venue to vent out their anger on the United States. Therefore, they decided to join the jihadist groups in Yemen angrily in order to take retaliatory action against the United States.
So what is the natural therapy to combat terrorism? We have no answer. This is because the two involved parties only know how to keep adding heavy dose to fight the hard war.

Major Loopholes
We can still find many loopholes in the prevention of global terrorist attacks today. Not too long ago, a failed airport security test ended up with a Slovak man unwittingly carrying hidden explosives in his luggage on a flight to Dublin. If someone with explosives can go through arranged screening process, in an unexpected situation, the risk and possibility for terrorists to go through airport screening test can even be higher.
The way world nations carry out counter terrorism measure is very similar to the way cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. There is no guarantee efficacy.

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