Thursday, January 14, 2010

India Emerging Major Research Center

Everybody knows that the level of scientific research in our country is not very good, but an international study says the level of scientific research in India is improving. According to this study, international cooperation in the field of research in India is increasing and there is higher participation of Indians in research journals of international level.
It is estimated that in the next eight years, research in India would be at par with G8 countries and we could even surge ahead of them after that.

Growing Scientific Research
The interesting thing is that even now, the United States has the highest partnership in our research, but cooperation of Asian countries like China, Korea, and Japan is increasing rapidly. We can draw a conclusion from this study that India is emerging as a major research center in fields like chemistry, biochemistry, or pharmacology.
One reason is the progress of Indian industries in these fields, following which research centers of other countries have also come forward to cooperate with India and the country's research level has improved. It is obvious that there is no dearth of intellectual or educational eligibility in India and the only need is a right atmosphere and cooperation.
However, it is also true that in Indian universities, the level of research normally is not very good, and there is scope for a lot of improvement in fields in which there is no international cooperation or link with industries.

Shortage of Able Scientists
In the coming days, India's situation could be such that the entire world may look up to India and we may face shortage of resources. India is emerging as a big center in fields of biochemistry and pharmacology, but following neglect of education and research in the field of pure science for the past few years, we could face shortage of able scientists.
If all our talented young men became managers, bankers, doctors, or engineers, where would the scientists come from? In universities, seats in subjects like physics and chemistry remain vacant during admission. We would have to make the career of scientific research more attractive and only then we would be able to take full advantage of the possibilities.

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