Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Relief From Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is considered to be no less dangerous than air and water pollution in vitiating atmosphere. It affects a person's hearing system, and makes it weak. It also damages a person's ability to comprehend. From the viewpoint of medical science, it is regarded as more harmful than other pollutions. A check on it has, therefore, been long expected.
The country's Supreme Court had also banned any loud noise making after 2200 hours. The matter was dragging for year since the government lacked a suitable system to implement this order.

Formation Inspection Centers
The central government has now framed rules for honking by vehicles, playing loud music at weddings and by DJs, and the shattering noise made during construction at night. These rules and regulations will also have to be followed while burning crackers, or causing any other noise. Violation of there norms will result in severe fines and even detention.
Generally speaking, different laws in our country are so very flexible that people are not scared of them. Want of an adequate system to stop breaking rules is another reason for their violation. In this case also, nothing much can be said about the system with certainty. Formation of noise pollution inspection centers in some cities will automatically have an effect throughout the country.

Steps Taken
Special joint squads ought to be formed by the police and administration to keep a watch on this problem, and to assure impartial action on complaints. Anyway, the government's decision is praiseworthy. At the same time, we must remember that formulation of laws alone is not enough to control any crime or disturbance.
It is the duty of the government and administration to make people aware of them. The government must launch a massive awareness campaign in cities where the rule is not being introduced at present. Noise mostly disturbs students, senior citizens, and patients. The government's decision will hopefully bring relief to all of them.

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