Friday, November 18, 2011

Unethical US Feelings Exposed

At the moment, the Muslims are the victim of terrorism and are in a state of subjection. Muslim countries are being maligned. Some powers have made the principle that "first defame and then target". The bad luck of the Muslims is that they have no courage even to give verbal response to the United States. Those who are unearthing the brutality and violence of the United States are rising from Europe. American Professor of Philosophy, Noam Chomsky is one of among of those pro-just writers. Most of his books are proven best sellers. Prof Noam's new book, the Power and Terror has been introduced in the market.
Violation of International Norms and Laws
In his new book, while expressing his views about incident of Osama Bin Laden, Prof Noam wrote that the assassination of Osama is an open violation of international norms and laws. It seems clear that no effort was been made to arrest unarmed persons alive. 80 commandoes took part in the operation to arrest Osama and they did not face any resistance. There were arms with the people in the Osama's house Osama, but he was killed despite the fact that not a single bullet was fired on the American Commandos. The suspects were arrested alive and case filed against them in a transparent manner in a society, which claims to be civilized and where the law is strictly followed.
Osama Bin Laden was blamed for destroying twin towers in the United States through two airplanes. The name of investigator into incident is Robert Molar. On April, 2002, Robert Molar told the press that they could say more after comprehensive investigations that the plan was prepared in Afghanistan and its details were decided in United Arab Emirates and Germany. Molar did not mention Pakistan in his investigations which mostly become target of criticism after the incident. Pakistan was maligned and inflicted great losses and it was given the punishment for the crime which it did not commit.
The United States could arrest Osama Bin Laden if it wanted since in 2002 Taliban offered that they themselves will hand over Osama to the United States if it provides evidence about his involvement in attack on twin towers.
It was never the aim of the United States to arrest Osama because it was staging fake drama to arrest of Osama to justify its continue it presence in the region. America has spent hundreds of billions of dollar in war in Afghanistan and it is strange that it spent such a huge amount just for one person.
The objectives of the United States are as under:
1. To maintain its military presence in selected parts of the world.
2. To occupy natural resources including gas, oil and uranium of these countries.
3. To prevent any other country to become a super power.
4. Continuous battle-field training of American forces.
5. To continue production of arms manufacturing factories of the United States.
Prof Chomsky says it has been claimed that Al-Qa'ida carried out 9/11 attacks but there is no concrete evidence of it. The major evidence which was described as Barack Obama's that they carried out them. Such statements and claims for their so-called successes do not have any legal status.
Prof Chomsky states, the United States is unhappy with Pakistan as it had been providing shelter to Osama for five years; but ironically America is not embarrassed over violation of Pakistani borders. The United States sent its troops inside a sovereign country which is itself a big crime and it has provoked anti-US sentiments in Pakistan. Osama was killed and his dead body thrown in the sea inspite of being arresting him alive.
Chomsky asks the US administration that what will be reaction of masses of the United States if the commandos of a hostile country carry out such operation in the United States, enter into White House , kill American President and throw his dead body in the sea"?
The allegations leveled against Osama are controversial, while there are numerous allegations of human killings on former US President George W. Bush. The US President had committed those crimes on the pattern of German Nazis. A heavy bombardment was carried out on Iraq on the order of Bush and the whole country was changed into rubbles. Millions of people were killed and injured, millions were rendered homeless and jobless. The biggest torture cell of the world was set up at Abu Gharib prison in Iraq. Iraqi President Sadam Hussain was traced and executed after trial.
Osama bin Laden could be arrested alive and he could be brought for trial but on the contrary a much uncivilized method was adopted in this regard.
Although Osama Bin Laden has been killed but have his preachings and ideas been killed. Is there now no supporter of Osama in the world and can half of the population of any country be called terrorists?
Collapse of Twin Towers
Prof Chomsky is pro-justice American scholar. The rulers of Muslim countries could not say even secretly to the United States the remarks which the Prof Chomsky is saying openly. Several others pro-justice scholars also are unearthing the naked aggression of the United States. There is solid evidence in their writings which opens the eyes of every the person who favors justice.
The collapse of the twin towers was just drama as the upper parts of the towers should have been destroyed when the planes hit them. A preview of the photos raises the question that why the towers collapsed from foundations as the explosives was planted in the foundations of the towers.
Rulers and Policymaking Bodies
There is no doubt that the United States has reached in the climax of the progress but regrettably it is facing constant defeat because of its moral behaviors. There are such people in the United States rulers and policymaking bodies who are the most wealthiest people of the world. They ignore every moral norm in their lust of accumulating money. In the second half of the 20th century (1950 to 2000), the United States had committed lots of bloodshed which was never committed by any other country in the entire history.
1. Millions of people including women and children were burnt alive by dropping nuclear bomb on Japan.
2. Millions of Koreans were killed in war of Korea.
3. Millions of poor people were killed in the Vietnam War.
4. The aggressive polices of the United States in Middle East particularly in Palestine caused large scale devastations.
5. Iraq and Afghanistan have been changed into graveyards and rubbles.
The main voice is rising from the United States against the cruelty of the United States. Lot of things would be written about Osama Bin Laden in the next few years which would clarify the situation. T.S. Elliott was a famous poet and critic of the United States. In his famous drama (Murder in Cathedral), a priest was killed in the Church by the order of king in Britain in 1130. The unethical feelings of the United States are exposed while reading the book of T.S. Eliot, keeping in mind the killing of Osama Bin Laden.
US Joint Conscious
Today the joint conscious of the United States is weeping and saying that:
* The terror by night, that ends in deadly actions,
* We are soiled by filth that we cannot clean and clear the air, clear the key,
* Wash the wind, wash the brain,
* Wash the soul, Wash them all.
The pro-justice observers and scholars have not agreed over the point of view of the United States about the killing of Osama Bin Laden. No one from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan can disclose the cruelty of the United States; rather a new sun will be rise from the west and will provide concrete proofs to the United States about its brutality. Western media itself is saying that the drama of Osama was staged to improve popularity of graph of President Obama; and it is a good omen that the western media is speaking the truth.

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