Wednesday, November 9, 2011

US Downfall Will Take Years, Not Decades

Plague is a contagious fatal disease. The victim of this disease at first suffers from severe fever and then very painful tumors appear on his neck, armpit etc. The patient vomits time and again and, in some cases, loses mental balance. This disease hit the world in the 14th century and wreaked havoc in Europe, Asia, and Africa. It killed one-thirds of the European population. Millions of people died in Asia and Africa as well. Black spots appear on the body of the patient suffering from this disease because of blood clots. Therefore, this disease is also called Black Death.
Plague is an infectious disease. The dictionary meanings of the word plague are: a fatal disease, divine retribution, affliction, and outbreak of something unpleasant in large numbers.
Impact of Western Civilization
The art of using psychological tactics in wars dates back to the ancient times. In the modern world, we have media which can make the mountain of a molehill. Translating desire into reality is the easiest thing in the world for the West. A civilization devoid of any foundation has to resort to propaganda at every front to ensure its survival. The Western civilization, which has given nothing but pain and terror to the world, lends itself as a very good example in this regard. The United States is nothing less than a divine retribution for the world. It has made life difficult for the nations of the world. The contagious New World Order has assumed the form of a deadly plague so that black death rules everywhere.
Let us put off for some other time whether or not Pakistan is a failed state and see where the United States, which declares others failed states, stands.
It is a principle of nature that every zenith has a nadir. I am not talking about the specific brigade that, enslaved to the western viewpoint, parrots the lessons inculcated by their lords. They look at the world through the western glasses. All the superpowers of the past e.g. Rome, Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire, United Kingdom, and Soviet Union, could not keep away their decline despite having all the qualities required to be superpower in their respective eras. What makes the United States so sacred then that it will escape the decline? Now, the impartial US experts and intellectuals too are predicting the US decline.
Dr Paul Craig Roberts was assistant secretary of the US Department of State in famous US President Ronald Reagan's regime. Later, he also worked as associate editor of famous US the Wall Street Journal. These days he is working as professor of economics and politics at George Town University, Washington. Center for Research on Globalization, a famous US think-tank, interviewed him on the prevailing situation in the United States. In this interview, he categorically said that the United States has become the most failed state.
Elaborating the statement, he said that the war on terror, an invention of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, has destroyed the US constitution and civil liberties. The Bill of Rights is lying dead now. US President Barack Obama has reinforced the attack on the US freedom. Today, any US citizen, once he is declared terrorist, loses all the rights. However, who is this terrorist? Anyone who does not agree to the US imperialism and policies!
The United States has become a police state. The police have the weapons which generally army has. The purpose is nothing but to terrorize the people. In a failed state, the government and the police are the greatest threat to people. This is precisely the kind of situation, which prevails in the United States today. The US constitution has kept the different US ethnic groups united. If the constitution is destroyed, how can the United States survive? Today, there are only powerful groups; accountability does not exist. The elections are meaningless; both the parties depend on the centers of power.
Currently, Military Security Complex is the most powerful group in the United States. It consists of the Pentagon, CIA, and weapons manufacturers and then oil companies, banks, financial institutions, US-Israel Public Affairs Committee, and multinational companies. This group is so powerful that it cannot be removed through voting.
Fall in Tax Collections
In 1990, when the financial institutions started pursuit of earning more in less time, joblessness increased, as the US companies started to get goods manufactured in other countries. The growing joblessness meant a fall in the tax collections. As a result, the wheel of economic progress came to a halt. The graduates, with degrees in their hands, are forced to do low level jobs. Therefore, the universities are also losing their importance. The increase in imports has open floodgates of trade deficit. Other countries started to buy US bonds and properties and the profits yielded by these go to these very countries. If the United States has not yet gone bankrupt, it is so only because dollar is world's reserve currency. Right now, the US Government as well as the US citizens is under the burden of debts.
Process of Borrowing From Banks
The process of borrowing from banks for extravagant spending has driven the US people to a point where they cannot borrow anymore. Hence, they are forced to buy only the necessities; luxuries are beyond their reach now. The consumer demand based economy is faced with losses because of the decline in buying power. Selfishness has become a character trait of the Americans. They are utterly devoid of the sense that the world hates them and regards them as the brute of the modern world.
The terror threat is self-created. Under this excuse, the Americans attacked the Muslims and set out to conquer the world. They killed 1 million Iraqis and displaced 4 million on the base of a lie. The US troops are killing the Afghans like beasts. The army personnel sitting before the video screens kill citizens in Pakistan by carrying out drone strikes. The Americans are not ashamed of it; they are indifferent. Israel is perpetrating similar brutality in Palestine with the US patronage. The fact remains that the country most favorite with the United States is regarded ‘plague’ in the world.
The plague has started to make its presence felt. Those who regard technology as God may or may not believe but the United States is destined to decline. The grave which holds the superpowers of the past will very soon contain another failed state. It is a matter of years, not decades. It is something which the experts and analysts are repeatedly drawing attention to.

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