Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vietnamese Economic Growth

Economic growth is set to reach between 7 and 7.5 percent annually during the 2011-15 period. The growth of industrial and construction value is to rise between 7.8 and 8 percent in each of the next five years, while agricultural growth is to increase 2.6-3 percent. Agriculture is set to comprise 17-18 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP); the industry-construction sector, 41-42 percent, and services 41-42 percent. High-tech and high-tech application products are expected to account for 35 percent of GDP. Trained workers will account for 55 percent of the workforce. Export revenues are set to increase by 12 percent annually while trade deficits will be reduced to achieve a balance of trade by 2020. Social investment is set to comprise 40 percent of GDP on average over the next five years. Tax collection for the State budget is to reach 23-24 percent of GDP.
Budget Deficit
The budget deficit is to decrease to 4.5 percent of GDP by 2015. Eight million new jobs will be created. The agricultural, forestry, and fisheries sector will employ 40-41 percent of the workforce by 2015. Rural incomes are set to increase between 1.8 and 2 times over the 2010 figures. Population growth rate is set at 1 percent by 2015. Per-capita GDP is to reach $2,000 by 2015. Life expectancy is to reach 74 years by 2015. Poverty rate under the new criteria is to be lowered by 2 percent annually. Forest cover is to expand to between 42 and 43 percent by 2015.
Major Tasks
The Party in the 11th term, on the basis of consensus and leadership, aims to execute its views and tasks in all aspects stated in the political report, focus on leadership, and generate radical changes while carrying out these following major tasks:
* To strengthen the Party's leadership and combat capacity;
* To speed up administrative reforms, especially administrative procedures related to business operation and activities as well as people's daily life.
* To improve the quality of human resources in order to meet demands of industrialization, modernization and global integration of the nation.
* To build a synchronous infrastructure system, especially an efficient traffic system to replace an inadequate system which has caused rampant traffic jams, hampered economic growth, and stirred public anxiety.
* To improve wage policies, distribution and incomes of public employees and white and blue-collar workers, while overcoming the current unreasonable and negative impact of the existing wage and salary policies.
* To focus on solving a number of pressing social issues (degrading morality and lifestyle, social evils, and social order and discipline);
* To strengthen and increase the efficiency of the fight against corruption and waste to prevent and push back these evils.
* Approving the report on self-criticism of the leadership by the Party Central Committee, the 10th tenure, submitted at the 11th National Party Congress. Assigning the Party Central Committee, the 11th term, to receive the opinions of the National Congress in order to promote the strong points and adjust the weaknesses, improve the quality and efficiency of the leadership in the coming term.
* Approving the entire Communist Party of Vietnam Statute which has been amended.
* Approving the election results of the Party Central Committee which includes 200 comrades, of which 175 are official members and 25 are alternate members.
* Assigning the Party Central Committee, 11th term, and Party committees and organizations at all levels to develop programs of action and plans in order to work out the details and successfully carry out the policies and guidelines prescribed in the documents of the 11th Party Congress.
* The 11th National Party Congress calls on the entire Party, people, army, and overseas Vietnamese to continue to uphold the glorious tradition of the nation and Party and promote patriotism, self-reliance and persistence in pursuing national independence and socialism. The Congress also calls for dynamism and innovation as well as great efforts to fulfill the resolutions of the 11th Party Congress. Party leadership and fighting capacity should be promoted, national unity strengthened, and the renewal process accelerated in a comprehensive way in order to lay a foundation for the nation to become a modern industrialized economy by 2020 for the sake of a wealthy people, a strong nation, democracy, justice, civilization, and firmly heading toward socialism.

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