Friday, June 4, 2010

US, India, Israeli Sign Accord for Opening of Joint Offices

The US, Indian, and Israeli Governments have signed an agreement to set up joint intelligence offices. The agreement was inked at the Hyderabad House in New Delhi.

Strengthening International Intelligence
Meanwhile, the interior, external, and defense ministries of the Indian Government has given directions to the concerned intelligence authorities to bolster contacts with the US and Israeli intelligence agencies as part of efforts aimed at strengthening its international intelligence system. The ministries have also directed the authorities concerned to prepare a list of expert officers in this regard.

The United States will set up a joint intelligence system of its three intelligence agencies in the Indian cities of New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Jaipur. In addition, the Israeli intelligence agency will set up its offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Jammu. India will set up its joint intelligence offices in Washington and New York as well as in Israeli cities of Tel Aviv and Ashdod.

Agreement of Cooperation
The sources say that Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), Mosad, and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have signed an agreement of cooperation spanning more than five years after long and intense deliberations of one year.

Supposedly, the United States has hatched a plan of bringing forward India to maintain its supremacy in the Afghan region, while Israel has also signed several joint intelligence-related agreements with India to increase its influence in the Arab countries through New Delhi.

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