Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rising Terror Attacks in Pakistan

Formal investigation into terrorists' firing incident in Jinnah Hospital Emergency has been launched. Joint investigation team and an intelligence agency team visited Jinnah Hospital and inspected the entry and exit gates of the hospital, to determine which way the terrorists fled.

The terrorists succeeded in fleeing by scaling up the college canteen wall adjacent to the hospital, and thereafter they snatched the police van. Police sources say the terrorists had fled before the police team reached the spot. A few police officials who were standing nearby reached the spot when they heard firing sounds. However, the terrorists had completed their task and left the place. Intelligence agency team determined the terrorists' fleeing route from a line of spilt blood. Meanwhile the intelligence agency team collected the soil samples, soaked in blood, and sent to laboratory for tests. However, police and intelligence teams have been unable to find out the terrorists who had fled.

Attack on Ahmedis Worship Place
It has been reported that four terrorists clad in police uniforms attacked Jinnah Hospital Emergency on 31 May, to get released their comrade, Mo'az, who, was arrested in injured state after terrorist attack on Ahmedi worship place in Model Town. They attacked the hospital when the hospital management and family members of the patients were busy in taking care of them. The assailants entered the hospital from the main gate in a white colored Honda Civic car with a green registration number plate. They parked the car outside the emergency ward, took out their weapons and started firing. They entered the emergency ward and tried to get their comrade released. Entering the emergency ward, the terrorists targeted the man with whom the policemen were deputed taking him for Ma'az.

The police had deputed policemen around a common man in the emergency, making him appear to be the terrorist, in order to hoodwink the terrorists. The purpose was that if the terrorists attack the hospital to get released their comrade, they might kill or take along the man, taking him for the terrorist. However, the terrorists, instead of taking that man along, fired at him so that their comrade is killed and that he could not tell police anything about his comrades. However, the terrorists fired at that man and the police personnel standing near him, and succeeded in fleeing.

Traditional Style of Attack
The police had kept Ma'az, the terrorist, in a separate ICU (Intensive Care Unit) ward, due to which he was saved. Despite the timely information about the terrorists' firing, the police reached the spot in its traditional manner. Until that time, the police personnel on the crime scene exchanged fire with the terrorists, injuring one of them. The terrorists fired and fled by snatching a police van, after passing from a route adjacent to MS (Medical Superintendent) Office, which leads to college canteen and scaling up the hospital wall.

The terrorists had first inspected all the entry and exit routs of the hospital before coming there to attack their own comrade. They had already decided as to which way they will flee. Intelligence agency has acquired CCTV footage for the last four days to determine as to whether the terrorists had inspected the routes, and which way they had used to enter the hospital if they had come there a couple of days ago.

No CCTV was installed on the entry and exit gates of the hospital, to suggest which way the terrorists had entered.

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