Wednesday, June 2, 2010

US Persuading China, Russia To Support Sanctions on Iran

Through their diplomacy, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva and Turkish Prime Minister, Tayeb Erdogan have persuaded Iran to hand over half of its semi-enriched uranium to Turkey and in return, it will be given enriched fuel for research and medical requirements for one year. While it will be able to enrich up to 20 percent of the remaining uranium.

Thus, Iran concluded an agreement on seven conditions with Turkey and Brazil. Keeping in view the US campaign to impose sanctions on Iran, the Brazilian president and Turkish prime minister, convinced Iran to abandon its previous stance so that some crisis may not emerge in the Gulf because the US was getting ready to launch a sudden air attack on Iran under the pretext of Iran's nuclear weapons program and was urging the five permanent members of the UN Security Council to impose the stringent sanctions on Iran. So far as Britain and France are concerned, they are bent on dismantling Iran's peaceful nuclear program out of their ethnic and religious prejudice, but Russia and China differed on imposing stringent sanctions on Iran.
Warning and Threats
And the US had overcome these differences by making deals. The US assured that it would not take up the issue of human rights violations in Russia while deferred its demand from China to revise its currency exchange rate. It appears that the US has persuaded Russia for the UN Security Council resolutions against Iran. Its proof is its (Russia's) dissatisfaction over the agreement concluded by Turkey and Brazil. It led to bitterness between Iran and Russia and the Russian foreign policy advisor, responded to the criticism of Russia by Iranian President Ahmedinejad with impoliteness. He warned the Iranian president that no president can retain his power by the force of his rhetoric as, what he said, was clear from 2,500 years of Iranian history.

This comes true in case of Russia that the Soviet Czar and his successor communist rulers failed to rule over Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan for more than 150 years and the local population drove them out and now their leadership is also being removed. In addition to these Turk- origin states, the white-skinned Christian population also came out of its empire. Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania broke away from the Soviet Union and became independent states. Now, Shishtan, Tataristan, and Dagestan are about to get freedom.

We are surprised at the Russian behavior. It does not talk about imposing sanctions on Israel, which has neither signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) nor the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), nor Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty (FMCT). However, according to an estimate, it has 200 nuclear bombs while according to CIA estimate this number is 400. It hurls threat every other day to attack Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iran's nuclear program. To US, Russia, France, and Britain, Israel's nuclear stockpiles are not a threat to the world peace while the Iranian peaceful nuclear program is a grave threat for the western states. What sort of logic is this Putin! Medvedev?

Poland has deployed its anti-missile system in Poland adjacent to the Russian border, which Russia considers as a threat to itself. However, the Polish foreign minister has supported the deployment of the US forces in his country. The United States says that the missiles are being deployed to defend Europe from possible missile attack by Iran, and these are not a threat to Russia, but Russia considers them as a threat for its security.
In addition, The US had declared the Russian attack on Georgia on 7 March 2009 as threat to the world peace and expanding North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Now, the number of Atlantic Treaty has increased to 28 from 16 in the wake of the end of cold war. The imperialistic forces will use their collective military power for seizing the natural resources of Afro Asia, and Latin American states. The US influence has reached up to Georgia and Ukraine while is has military bases in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, where it was hard to imagine during the cold war that the US will dare break into the Soviet Union. However, this is a fact that the United States has completely cornered off both China and Russia.

Blackmailing North Korea
Meanwhile, it is blackmailing North Korea, the old ally of China, to suppress China. It says that North Korea sank a South Korean warship in March. At the same time, it has used the Security Council to impose sanctions on North Korea with a view to destroy its nuclear arsenal and factories.

Hillary Clinton is going from post to pillar from Moscow to Beijing, so that Iran and North Korea may be disarmed to establish the US domination. The newspapers give an impression that China is also vacillating like Russia due to the US pressure.

If the information of the western media is to be believed, it (China) has also agreed to support the US draft resolution to impose sanctions on Iran. If it is correct, it is axing its own feet because China is an important buyer of the Iranian gas while Russia has built nuclear power houses in Iran and it has to work on more projects. If Russia and China supported the fourth US resolution on sanctions on Iran, they will lose the confidence of Afro-Asian and Latin American states.

Trade and Political Interests
Now, that Russia and China are compromising with the US and European Union under the compulsion of their expediency and for the sake of their trade and political interests, Turkey and Brazil have risen against the hegemony of five-member mafia (the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, and China) on nuclear energy. This is an important change in the international scenario.
The question is that all these five riders have stockpiles of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and are threatening and blackmailing other countries on this basis. They have declared themselves exempted from NPT, CTBT, and FMCT, while bullying the other states to follow these treaties. Now if we closely see, these five powers are holding the remaining 187 member states of the UN as hostage while according to the article one of UN Charter, all the member states of the world body have equal rights and independence.

Violation of UN Charter
The NPT is a flagrant violation of the UN charter. Then, why all remaining states should accept it? Now, even if the NPT is accepted in principle, then why it is not being implemented on Israel and India? While both the states have neither sign the treaty nor implemented the same.

Despite this, the 45- member nuclear supplier groups has exempted 35 percent nuclear reactors of India from the inspection of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), under the US pressure, and given free a hand to them to produce nuclear bomb. Because of this, India voted against Iran's nuclear program in the IAEA board of governors and under the US pressure, it quit the Iran- Pakistan-India gas pipeline project.

Enriching Uranium Production
If China and Russia support clamping down of sanctions on Iran, it will be a great injustice with Iran because according to the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) sources themselves, Iran had frozen its nuclear program in 2003 and is not enriching uranium more than 20 percent. It is the clear evidence that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes because 93 percent uranium has to be enriched for production of bombs.

It appears that the days of this five-member mafia in international politics have been numbered and no matter even if these powers get resolution against Iran adopted at the Security Council, they should know that it will have no importance than a mere piece of paper. If the non-aligned countries become active at this juncture, then it will become imperative for the United Nations to cancel Article 27 about the cancellations of rights.

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