Monday, November 30, 2009

US Changes Tone With Afghanistan

Hamid Karzai has been elected as Afghan President for the second time. According to one report, after the boycott by Abdullah Abdullah, the Afghan Election Commission abrogated the run of election, scheduled to be held in the coming week; and has declared Hamid Karzai unopposed President of Afghanistan. Keep in mind that during the elections that were held in August 2009, the other presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah claimed that there has been an attempt to alter the results by rigging during the polls. After that, there has been a recounting of votes in some constituencies, but this matter remained unresolved.To bring Afghanistan out of this uncertainty, Afghan Election Commission decided to hold run of elections on 7 November; however, the other presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah decided to boycott the run of elections, as a protest on some issues, on 1 November. After that, Afghan Election Commission declared Hamid Karzai the winner.

Election Results
Hamid Karzai is receiving good wishes from around the world on becoming the President of Afghanistan for the second time. This is a time of elation for Hamid Karzai and his supporters; however, they should also remember that their responsibilities have increased after being elected for the second time. This has also been clearly expressed by President Obama in his congratulatory phone call. According the reports by a US newspaper The New York Times, the US President Barrack Obama has ordered its Afghan counterpart to stop the corruption and drug trade in Afghanistan. The United States has also given a green signal to file a case against Ahmad Wali Karzai, brother of Hamid Karzai; Qasim Fahim, former Defense Minister; and Rashid Dostam, an important leader of Northern Alliance. Moreover, the Afghan president has been urged to take practical measures rather than mere rhetoric, because Afghan people want to see the change.

War Against Terrorism
The US Administration wants that Afghanistan should immediately establish an anti-corruption commission to strictly prosecute the government officials at national and provincial level. It becomes evident with this point of view of the US President that the tone of the US Administration has changed toward Afghan Government. Therefore, the coming years are not going to be easy, but challenging and tough for Hamid Karzai. Especially, Hamid Karzai will be facing severe challenges when he has to take up corruption cases against his own brother and those people who have been close to him previously. It has been proved now that huge corruption have been done in the foreign aid received during the last eight years, and the United States is very incensed on it. This can clearly be seen from the conversation between President Obama and President Hamid Karzai. Because of this corruption, there has been no noticeable result in the war against terrorism and it has also failed to produce satisfactory results in the development of Afghanistan. Hamid Karzai has held Pakistan responsible for his failures in Afghanistan in the past; however, now when Pakistan is taking adequate measures to combat terrorism, Hamid Karzai has no reason to sit behind and do nothing in this regard. If the Afghan Government still does not start to take things seriously in this regard, such situation will prevail, which will be uncontrollable. Eventually, the peace and stability of the entire world will be at stake. Hamid Karzai should start devising a strategy to fulfill this responsibility.

Western Approach
When Hamas won transparent elections in Palestine held in 2006, the West unleashed such propaganda against it and berated the people involved in winning it that I seek protection from God. The program of punishing the Palestinians is going on without any let up. Those elections were not similar to the presidential elections in Afghanistan. The Palestinians freely used their voting rights and as that transparency did not correspond to the western interests; therefore, it hesitated in acknowledging those elections. Similar treatment was meted out to Iranian Mahmud Ahmadinejad who is at the top of the list for being berated by the West. His elections were also not liked, although he was opposed by just a minor number of voters and the western media was presenting their protests as a deluge.
Similarly, Hugo Shavez of Venezuela, elected with a heavy majority, is also not in the good books of the West. The reason is that the West cannot grind its own axe over there and the West can grind its on axe where there is kingship or military dictatorship in power where you would seen them writing odes. Same western people were in the forefront in saluting our Ayubs, Zias and Pervezes who were president-generals. The West engineered shooting of one elected prime minister and hanging of another.

Situation in Afghanistan
When public revolution broke out against Iranian Emperor Raza Shah Pehlvi in the decade of 50's, and Musaddaq nationalized the Iranian oil industry, the West felt twisting and twitching. The CIA immediately started conspiracies and got restored the emperor. In fact, democracy has never been the major problem of the westerners. The real thing is their own axe to grind. If the democratic people protect their interests, they are acceptable. If the dictators accept their demands, dictators are acceptable. Same is the situation in Afghanistan now. It was felt in the beginning that "Abdullah Repeated" falls in the line of Karzai. Therefore, they wanted to propagate the rigging in the elections. Then such a brouhaha was launched that God should protect form it (It was same Karzai, who was once declared a great statesman by President Clinton; rather the US media termed him the mentor of the African saint Nelson Mandela). However, God knows, what Karzai assured them and what mistake Abdullah Abdullah made in the intoxication of his "defeat-like-victory" that the entire scenario suddenly changed. Same fraudulent Karzai is now being declared Hajid Sibghatullah (a great pious man). Even not that, the "coward" is now being forced to go back to the den of the hunting dogs which is his inclusion in the national government.

People’s Aspirations
When the spread of communist virus was feared in Vietnam in 1967, Washington felt the need of elections over there. The objective of those elections was not to bring forward a public representative. The reason is that the West was frightened of the public aspirations. Their objective was to seek legitimacy for the dictatorship of the dictator by electing the general already ruling Vietnam. It is because, if this would not have been done, it was feared that the virus could spread to Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.
Similarly, the West supported Lebanese elected president Amin Gumail in 1982 and covertly brought the situation on the verge of civil war and supported the marionette Christians remaining behind the curtains. Now, the ruler and Afghanis of adjacent areas want Abdullah Abdullah. However, the westerners require Hamid Karzai. The rest are the Afghan people and they do not fit in the imperialism's scheme of things.

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