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Role of Mosques and Religious Seminaries

The human being who is superior among all creatures and who has been bestowed the divinely domination over the rest of the entire creatures has a peculiarly strange tale of its creation. The holy Koran narrates the genesis of human kind that when the angels came across the realization of the preposition of human creation, they humbly prostrated before God and omniscient. Afterward, they made a humble argument saying that O Supreme lord! If the human being came into existence they would indulge in bloodshed, riots, and murders on the earth. Moreover, since they will strike at each other, therefore, not to create such a creature would be better.
But what was the prime reason behind the creation of human being but knowledge, information, education, research, cognition, and the tolerance. These were the sublime principles that molded the clay of the human creation.
The primary humans were sent to paradise from where the enemy of the humanity and the humans allured and deceived them, making them quit the paradise ultimately.
Consequently, the human soul, which was accustomed to peace, serenity, rest, and satisfaction was finally detained in the worldly cage owing to the guiles of the enemy of human kind. Hence, the soul of the man, which was habitual of knowledge, peace, and serenity, was made restless by the detentions of this earth -- comprising matter and elements.
Maulana Room, paints this distressed scene in the following picturesque words:
"Listen to the distressed and painful tune of the flute that has been cut from its parent tree; and now it complains and moans because of being away from its originality."
In other words, the human soul started telling the painful tale of its deprivation and utter grief and it complained that it was once a part of the paradise, but not now. Why has it been thrown into another place?
Definition of Humanity
Respected readers! The reason behind these introductory remarks is to bring to mind the true picture and definition of humanity and we should discern the ongoing worldly chaos in the right terms and all mischievous elements of the entire planet should be unveiled.
Thus, by defining all this process, we would be able to comprehend the true meanings behind the instauration of the entire religions in this world and the purpose of the arrival of the holy Prophets. Moreover, through this the importance of the modification and frameworks of the religious welfare and human society would by highlighted.
Now I intend to focus the attention on some significant question in the wake of the current affairs and crises and their answers.
What is the true and supreme acme of the humanity? What is the format and significant facets of human welfare society? What is the precise message of the teachings of the holy Prophets? How Islam is a perfect system of peace, love, and brotherhood?
Hence one thing has been categorically elucidated that knowledge, research, peace, and serenity is the supreme acme of the entire virtues of human being. Where there these very principles are taught those places are the hubs of achieving this true elite potential.
This very supremely true acme of humans has been held as the real ultimate goal of this place of test, i.e., world. Moreover, this is the right path of turning toward the pure originality and God who ensures the reachievement of the paradise too.
Modification of Human Society
Hence the very format and modification of the human society has been centered in the achievement of knowledge, worshipping of God, and the nonviolence. Only the achievement of true knowledge ensures the defeat of the enemy of human kind. And in order to secure the same objectives, the holy Prophets were sent as teachers.
The last of all prophets, holy Prophet Mohammad in his holy sayings said: "I have been sent with the assigned task of teaching so that the enemies of the humanity could be distinguished and the man could be able to know the real objective of the life on this planet."
The holy Prophets, who have been the true teachers of the humanity for all human kind, were sent to teach the same message of love, peace, serenity, and rest to the entire world. They have been sent so that human beings could regain their lost paradise, which is filled with peace... which is the consent of God and is the nonviolence and antisabotaging activities.
The precise sum and substance of the holy teachings of the honored and blessed Prophets is the opening of centers of knowledge, launched academies for learning, and showing people the way to prostrate before God.
These very institutes of learning have been generally called religious seminary, knowledge, peace, and humanity, while the places where God is worshipped have been labeled sometimes as church and other times as mosques. God has created these very religious seminaries in response to the angels' objection on the creation of human kind. The holy Prophets have been sent to the whole human kind to teach the same divine lessons and they have been establishing religious seminaries in order to teach the same lessons.
Ultimate Right of Promoting Divine Teachings
Now how Islam has the sole and ultimate right of promoting these divine teachings. It is evident that Islam indeed, takes this ultimate objective of life free and beyond the sensuous detainments of time and space, and teaches it at the universal level.
Islam, moreover, is a comprehensive sum and substance of all these supreme teachings. Moreover, in order to accomplish the same objective, the most distinguished scholar and teacher ever on the planet was chosen in the form of the holy Prophet Mohammad .
In ancient uncivilized world, the global peace and human rights and the true principles of humanity were badly trampled down before the arrival of the holy Prophet. The arrival of the greatest personality of the holy Prophet Mohammad was essential for the protection of the entire human kind. Moreover, the completion of divine message was also a mandatory task. Hence, Shariah is a perfect, comprehensive, and the last form of these life messages for the humanity on the face of earth.
Aims and Objectives of Shariah
On closely observing the aims and objectives behind the revelation of Shariah , it will be elucidated that
1. To ensure the protection of religion. It means ensuring those universal recommendations that God has ordained. It says that human beings should live their lives in congruence with the principles of peace, serenity, love, and tolerance.
2. The safety from the evil-self of humans. It means the human souls should be saved and protected.
3. The protection of wisdom. It means that human beings should exercise sense and conscience to identify the true objective of life. Moreover, the human beings could be mentally strong and immune so that no enemy could allure them by any kind of deception.
4. The protection of generations. The future generations of the human beings should also remain, likewise, calm and intact and should not do any antihuman or sabotaging activities.
5. The safety of holdings and other monetary issues. It means that the resources of human beings could be promoted. Moreover, the daily life needs and properties of the humans should be protected and secured.
These are the objectives of Shariah , which are the sum and substance of the teachings of the entire holy Prophets.
Since the dawn of human history, these noble principles have been taught at religious seminaries against the evil agenda of terrorism and sabotage. Its practical shape could be seen in religious seminaries, which is sometimes called mosque and sometimes madrasah.
A few things written above have made it clear that humanity indeed is a name of love, peace, and knowledge and these virtues can only be developed through prostrating in the service of God. Moreover, one can learn it only through knowledge, which has been taught in the various religious seminaries of different religions.
In the light of these very propositions, now we can define and differentiate the mosques and religious seminaries in the following. God wants the promotion of love, peace, and brotherhood among the human beings and in order to accomplish the same task, Muslims have been commanded by God to offer five time prayers in the form of a gathering five times a day. If we profoundly view this peculiar and particular social format, propagated by Islam, we see that resolution to the entire global issues lies here.
Muslims have been commanded to gather at a place called mosque, five times a day to remove insurgency, terror, lawlessness, and to establish an atmosphere of peace, brotherhood, and love. Hence, the mosque of a street is for the collective gathering of all Muslims who intend to hold up antihuman activities and, therefore, during their prayers at mosque, Muslims beg God's support that increases peace and love between and among each other.
The Muslims of a street collectively gather in one mosque and prove their faithfulness to one God. Indeed, where a formal system is introduced to understand the whole process mentioned, these places are called religious seminaries.
The mosques and the religious seminaries are the greatest tool, adopted as a weapon, by the humans to combat insurgency, riot, and terrorism at the times of prehistoric ages. The very same procedure remained active from the times of Adam to the holy Prophet Mohammad .
It transformed the entire riots, insurgencies, and the ignorance into the positive and peace-centered construction of mosques and religious seminaries in an epochal manner.
Today, the world is once again fraught with moral ignorance and darkness. Today, it seems as if the angels' saying and apprehension before God was absolutely right and accurate that humans will shed each others' blood on the face of earth, humans will commit barbarism, brutality, and mass murders.
Torchbearers of Global Peace
During the course of history, this violence has never been so intensified as today. What is unimaginable is that the religious seminaries, which are and have been the torchbearers of the global peace, are today being held responsible for the misdeeds of the enemy of human kind. This perhaps is the most strange and interesting crime in the history of the entire world and this allegation in itself is based on inhumanity and enmity with humans.
If we suppose that some self-indulgent people are exploiting these sacred and human welfare-oriented institutes in order to fulfill their personal lust, it does not, in any measure, signify that the institutes are themselves valueless and corrupt. The crown cannot be maintained equal to head.
What civilization or the traditions of the world teach such principles that we should start considering the doctors and hospitals the original reason for ailment. Then, the humanity should be advised too, that where should it head in case of suffering diseases?
Sum and Substance
The sum and substance of the entire discourse is that mosques and religious seminaries are the supreme acme of human dignity and nobility. Moreover, they are the fundamental units of the social welfare and only strengthening them will ensure the solutions to the entire ailments. Heavens' sake, we should save these institutes from the destitution and destruction.
Muslims too are part of the same group of humans that are associated with the dreams of global peace and law and order. Moreover, in this connection under the prevailing settings, Islam carries a vitally living message for peace to the entire world, which is taught at religious seminaries also.
Thus, here I intend to make some requests to the nations of the world:
These mosques and religious seminaries are the torchbearer institutes of the universal message of Islam. These institutes should be strengthened further. The paths for the promotion and preaching of the true message of Islam should be made easy for people so that the true reality could be unveiled and the real enemies to the humanity could be exposed.
The prime constituent of violence, prejudice, blood-shedding, and terrorism is ignorance alone. Only the religious seminaries and the mosques can play a vital role in eradication of ignorance in a right and true manner. This is what we can call in the worldly terms, the solution to all problems.

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