Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stains of Babri Mosque Demolition

The demolition of the Babri Mosque is certainly one of those filthy stains that cannot be easily washed away. This one incident has dealt a severe blow to the country's tolerant culture. It created doubts about the unique achievement of our great leaders in giving the country not only democracy but also the rare gift of secularism. Pakistan is a burning example of the fatat affects of the poison and hatred spread by religious frenzy. No wonder the country finds itself in the docks before the world today!

Due Respect to Different Religions
The controversy on whether a Ram temple had been razed to the ground to build the mosque had been the cause of riots long before independence. But after considerable deliberations and giving due respect to different religions in the country, we decided to opt for secularism.
Once the decision was made, it was the duty of the entire nation, and specially the majority community, to make minorities feel as secure as they themselves do. We faltered to carry out this obligation. Destructive forces took advantage of this mistake immediately. This must have been pricking the nation's conscience for the last 17 years.

Report Leaked Out
As far as the Liberhan Commission report on this destruction is concerned, its indictment of the prominent leaders of a particular party should not cause much of a surprise. The raising of inciting slogans like "We will build the temple there," and by traveling in a chariot throughout the country, these leaders had created an atmosphere that resulted in the Babri mosque's destruction. Frankly speaking, no one has the patience to find out who was on the spot or who was behind the screen after 17 long years.
Yet, one factor must be exposed for the sake of a healthy democracy. Having been submitted in June, this report should have been placed in Parliament the next month according to rules, under any condition. It was about to be placed in this session. It was only a matter of a few days. Then, why and how was the report leaked out, like an explosion? That too when Parliament was already in session? Was it done intentionally to start a controversy that would divert the country's attention from other problems?
Skyrocketing prices, panic caused by terror, conspiracies of neighboring countries, preparations for Commonwealth Games, economic recession--the list of problems goes on an on. The government has to solve them quickly. If the present state of affairs is overlooked and the report used for political bargaining, another blunder will be committed, which will be greater than the one made 17 years ago.

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