Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hindutva, Marathi Campaign Goes Violent

It was the turn of IBN Lokmat, the Marathi offspring of Network 18 to get a taste of the Bal Thackeray wrath. Although Nikhil Wagley, their proficient editor has been at the receiving end of the Thackeray ire earlier also, but then he was not a television journalist. However that is not the point.
The point is: nothing happened to the Thackerays then. And I am sure nothing will happen to them now also. Already some arrests have been made of insignificant workers, whose names no one knows, and who will be let off as soon as matters cool a bit.
Rajdeep Sardesai asking the Maharashtra Chief Minister as to whether the actual perpetrators will be punished or not seemed such a futile and useless question in the present circumstances. It seems Sardesai has for quite sometime not been updated on the realities of the world he lives in.
Thackerays, Modis, Advanis, Uma Bhartis, Pravin Togadias, and their likes should all have been declared terrorists long ago. They are blatantly breaking laws and disgracing the Indian constitution and proclaiming their frightful narcissism as being sufficient declaration of their loyalty to the Nation. Their anger for Muslims not singing Vande Mataram spills into violence, but ironically they also attack the local language media and suppress any voice that tries to oppose them.
Thackeray's remark criticizing Sachin Tendulkar proves that either he is drugged all the time or he has lost his senses because of old age. And now his men go on rampage attacking a Marathi news channel, and its Marathi journalists. So much for his tall talk on "Marathi asmita."
Nothing succeeds like success, but it is actually the way one puts up with failures in life that shows the true character of a person. All these perpetrators of violence and masterminds of human rights violation have shown time and again their weak personalities.
The Mastermind
They are cowards who by themselves do not have the courage to die for whatever their cause may be. They have amassed huge wealth and assets on a heap of corpses of the innocent, and by invoking fear and hatred among people. It is time the masses took such enemies of humanity to task and demanded answers from them.
Every time a major criminal act takes place, some arrests are made, and even if those arrested have been the executors of the crime, it is very evident that they were only carrying out orders of a high command, that is actually the mastermind. But the mastermind is never caught, never brought to book.

Promoting Lawlessness
What is the example that these so-called leaders are setting before the youth of the country? And for their own generations to come? The authorities by not punishing the real criminals have only been adding fuel to the fire and proving that they are as much a party in promoting lawlessness as the culprits who carry out the crime.

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