Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pakistan's Involvement in Dubious Military Games

Since the partition, Pakistan has been suffering from a unique suicidal complex. This fixation has taken a new turn, much to the chagrin of its supporter, the United States. It has altered the basic structure of the deadly weapons received from the United States. These are Harpoon missiles and P-3C warfare aircraft. Both these weapons will be focused on India.

Violation of Agreement
The United States claims that the Harpoon missiles were given to Pakistan in order to prevent the increasing possibility of maritime attacks from far and near or to teach a lesson to hostile fighter vessels. Pakistan now changed the direction, course, and roles of the P3C. This task was certainly not carried out in a short period. A long time must have been required for such modification.

The United States has also expressed its concern to Pakistan through newspapers and communication channels. In return, Pakistan denied having done anything to violate the agreement. It has always been engaged in this fearsome game, because its administration has repeatedly to explain to its army and the intelligence agency what surprises it has in store to keep India on tenterhooks.

Anti-India Fire Burning
The Pakistan Administration has been coping with three problems at the same time. It has been facing this situation for more than sixty years. First, to keep the anti-India fire burning, second, considering Afghanistan as its colony and getting obsessed by it and third to sign quick agreements with powerful countries like the United States and China to acquire arms and to seek aid.

The US angst can be appreciated. But while giving the weapons how could it rest assured that they will not be used against India if the need arises? Its record shows that it has not missed any such opportunity.

New Consignments
Even if these new consignments spare India for some reason or the other they will certainly be used to settle scores in Afghanistan. This is called the "suicidal complex". It is due to such tendencies that terrorists attack Mumbai or create havoc in Kashmir.

At times forged banknotes are sent to India by them via Nepal while Pakistan raises the question of freedom for Kashmir in international gatherings. Surprisingly, its benefactors also realize very well that Pakistan, going through a wretched phase of poverty, requires bread and not weapons.

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