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Blackwater and Pakistan

There has been an enormous increase in the hatred and doubts against the United States all over Pakistan. The United States and Pakistan both are cognizant of this fact; however, no one is admitting this explicitly. The wave of infuriation and annoyance has mounted among the common people since the reports about expansion of the US Embassy in Islamabad and the activities of the US company, Blackwater are coming to the fore. We have tried to find out the facts in this regard. What this Blackwater organization is? In addition, what are its activities?

About the Organization
In 1588, a group of merchants from London submitted an application to the Queen Elizabeth. It was requested in the application that these merchants should be granted permission for trading down to the shores of subcontinent. It was the beginning of the East India Company. Initially, this company traded cotton, silk, tea, and cocaine through Indian subcontinent.

However, later, it started the dirty business and politics of violating and usurping the thoughts, ideologies, and rights of people. In the wake of this trade, the East India Company laid the foundation of the British rule in the subcontinent in 1757. This oppressive occupation of subcontinent by the British throne spanned more than 100 years and in 1857, with a freedom movement started by some honor-conscious Muslims and Hindus, it eventually ended in 1947.

The Mind Behind Blackwater
The United Kingdom also defeated its German and Portuguese opponents in many battlefields for colonizing the subcontinent. Under the guise of traders, the UK secret agents hatched their schemes and gradually occupied the resources and the throne of India. "Al Clark" was an expert trainer of the US Navy. He was fed up with his job in the US Navy. The reason for his disgust was that the US Navy did not have its own firing range and they had to use the US Army's range, for which they often had to go through long and cumbersome procedures. He started thinking that alas, if he had had his own firing range in which he, as per his own free will and agreements, could train the security companies and private people. However, "Erik D. Prince", born with a golden spoon in his mouth, worked as a fire fighter; served as a trainee in the office of President Bush, Senior, in the White House. He joined the US Navy after completing his graduation in 1992 and served in Haiti and Bosnia. He started dreaming of being wealthy and opening his own training school. One day Prince got up, went straight to Clark and said: "I will buy the land and I will provide the funds, you just start preparing to establish the training center". He went to his mother and informed her about his plans. She sold her husband's famous company "prince corporation" for $1.3 billion and gave all money to Prince. Prince bought 6,000 acres of land, adjacent to the seashore in North Carolina State. He went to Clark and told him that he had purchased the land, so let us get on with our work. The both quickly completed their homework and founded the most notorious company of the world, "Blackwater".

Main Objective
The main objective of this company was to provide war and every type of armor trainings and private security services to people. In a short span of one year, the Blackwater became a source of attraction for the retired US Army personnel, absconder soldiers, and common youngsters. However, Prince and Clark focused mainly on their agreements with the US Administration and the US Army, in which they succeeded to a greater extent. Then, with the support of arms manufacturing companies, they provided such latest weapons and war technology in their trainer center, which were not available even to the US Army. As a result, the US Army and other security departments started sending their special groups to the Blackwater for training. After a short period of time, the governments of some other countries also started sending their personnel to the Blackwater for training. Now this Blackwater company trains 40,000 persons annually, which includes training of using dagger to flying fighter and drone planes.

The "Blackwater" is the second name of death and terror in the world of chivalry. Its literal meaning is "Kala Paani" (Black Water). The Blackwater has no enemy of its own against which it wants to fight; however, whoever is the enemy of its customer is its (Blackwater's) enemy. The Blackwater receives dollars, for which it can do anything. With the passage of time, the Blackwater has gained so much importance that the entire Jewish lobby has stood up behind it. Moreover, the situation has come to the point that even the US Army has become dependent on it as well.

In 1998, the US intelligence agency, the CIA, suddenly introduced former US President George W. Bush to the public for the election campaign. It was the moment Prince was waiting for. He had established links inside the CIA; therefore, he immediately joined the Republican Party's election campaign and issued a $2 million check to the party.

Post 9/11 Incidence
The incidence of 9/11 occurred right after eight months of Bush's oath-taking, following which, the US forces -- as per the CIA's pre-planning -- came out of the United States and turned Afghanistan -- the world's weakest country -- into ruins. During the very first year of the war, the Taliban sent as many coffins of the US troops to the United States that the US Administration, people, and think tanks were compelled to think that they had committed a mistake. The anti-Bush and anti-war statements by the families of the deceased Army personnel started becoming a headache for the US departments; and it was the moment Blackwater was waiting for; therefore, the Blackwater sympathizers -- sitting in the US Administration -- put the option of the Blackwater in front of former President Bush. Prince had a secret meeting with Bush toward the end of 2002, and convinced him in the very first meeting. Prince said: "We will send our forces there; will provide security to diplomats and contractors, and will also participate in the operation against the Taliban". Few days after this meeting, an agreement worth billions of dollars was signed between the US Administration and Blackwater; and a large number of the Blackwater trained personnel arrived in Afghanistan under the guise of the US Army.

When the Pakistani Taliban started returning from Afghanistan then, hundreds of Afghani Taliban also came along with them. Following those Taliban, the US troops came to the borders and at times insides the Pakistani territory. When the Pakistani Taliban started mustering up strength, the United States said that the Pakistani forces were not trained enough and they will provide training to them.

Now, it has also come to the fore that the drones are also being administered by the Blackwater personnel. The Pakistani forces share information with the US company, Blackwater and they act accordingly. They Blackwater arrived in Iraq following the US troops when the United States alleged Iraq for developing and possessing the weapons of mass destruction and invaded it in 2003. The atrocious personnel of the Blackwater murdered 17 innocent Iraqis on 16 September 2007. In Iraq, the Shiite-Sunni clashes; foundation of Kurdistan and the Kurd party, and then provision of weapons and training to that party, are the feats of the Blackwater, which the US Congress has also admitted. Out of total 987 security agreements across the world, 788 are with the Blackwater, which is a testimony to the fact that it has become a strong weapon for the US Administration and CIA. The Blackwater came into being in 1997 in the United States and it was later expanded and renamed as Blackwater Worldwide in 2007. Iraq was also included in its expanded circle. The United States showed its skills in the occupation of Iraq with the help of this company.

Renaming Blackwater
They renamed Blackwater to "Xe Services" with an announcement in 2009 to achieve new targets and objectives. Now this company will work in all those countries of the region, which are standing against the so-called US hegemony, and are not willing to sell their resources and integrity. The objectives, such as fight against terrorism, were mandated under this company; however, now it has been organized for target killing. It is imperative to remind that the assistance was taken from Blackwater to end the leadership of Al-Qa'ida. This company has been involved in the brutal target killing in Iraq because of which the Iraqi Government and people are trying to kick this company out of the country. They have also refused to extend its agreement. Therefore, the United States is saying that the Xe Services will leave Iraq in 2009.

The prime objective of this company is to provide human resource to the military and law enforcement departments and agencies. However, the question arises that why would Pakistan need the support of the Xe Services? Or the United States has imposed this decision on Pakistan to achieve its targets by prolonging its presence in the region, so that, on one hand, it can keep an eye on China; and on the other, use the resources of Gwadar Port in Pakistan's Baluchistan]; or otherwise, is it a real purpose of this company to provide military training and support to Pakistan in the fight against terrorism. However, if latter is the case, then why the Pakistani Government is continuously denying this factor?

The reports are coming to the fore that the Blackwater armed personnel have entered in different sectors of Islamabad. They can indulge into terror activities in Pakistan anytime. In this context, threats to the life of Dr Abdul Qadir Khan are a cause of anxiety for the government. The government does not have answer to many questions, such as the presence of the Blackwater in Pakistan. The United States is hatching designs against Pakistan in collaboration with India. The Blackwater personnel can target anyone; however, our leaders do not care for the country and their own reputation as well. The entire nation has to unite for the stability of the country by unearthing the US atrocities.

There are reports that more than 200 Blackwater personnel have been deployed in Pakistan. However, the official sources are rebutting these reports. The proofs of the presence of the Blackwater personnel in Islamabad and Peshawar have come to the fore few days ago. According to the sources, the Blackwater has renamed Xe Services and its personnel do not come to Pakistan on a direct visa, but through the US Embassies in the European countries. The US Embassy in Pakistan is not providing any information in this regard. However, the Pakistani Foreign Office has denied these reports. There are reports about the controversial US company, Blackwater working on the agenda of Muslims' genocide.

Everyone in Pakistan is showing doubts and distrust. The reports of killings of Muslims in Iraq by this company are talk of the town. According to the report, the US secret organization Blackwater, by increasing its activities, has started contacting defunct organizations in Pakistan. It has also established it own secret telephone exchange system. The purpose of contacting these defunct organizations is target killing and abduction of key figures in the capital and other areas of the country. Moreover, to trap these defunct organizations, they are using the religious get up. The Blackwater has also started providing funds and weapons to its personnel for their activities. It is also hiring the Pakistani youngsters on $1,516 per month. This organization is operates on the pattern of the East India Company. The horrible image coming to the fore from the expected activities of the Blackwater is that they will have the permit to kill the Pakistanis under an anonymous agreement, and no Pakistani department will have the authority to investigate the Blackwater on these killings. This is the moment to ponder for sake of Pakistan's sovereignty that the United States has indicated to plan its activities in Pakistan on long-term basis. The expansion of the US Embassy; renting bungalows in the posh areas of Islamabad and Peshawar; and the statement by the US Embassy's spokesperson that the embassy and the consulates will also be expanded, are indicators to point where the United States, with its activities, will paralyze the government to the extent that it will become fully subservient and dependent on it.

Currently, the feelings of doubt and distrust are arousing in everyone's mind in the entire country. Our people form their opinions about anything very quickly, and now they believe that the Blackwater is the initial image of the US invasion of our country; and as a case, they use the example of Iraq. In any case, only the government can clarify the situation that what are the reasons and objectives of the Blackwater's personnel coming to Pakistan? And what will be its scope of activities?

Erik Prince is the founder of the Blackwater. A petition was filed in a Virginia court in the United States in August that Erik Prince had become active to implement his agenda of Muslims' genocide. He was involved in massive killings of Muslims in Iraq. For this purpose, he got his like-minded officers deployed in Iraq, so that the Muslims' genocide could be carried out. Instead, he titled himself as a crusader, whose objective is to spread Christianity and fade away the name of Islam. The writer of a book published on the Blackwater says that those who are administering the Blackwater are following pure crusades agenda. They belong to the right wing of Catholic group and they take advice from the Church and priests in this regard. The writer further says that the Blackwater is a conspiracy of Jews and Christians whose purpose is to spread Christianity and implement the new world order. The book also mentions that 9/11 was a pre-planned scheme of Jews and the United States. Moreover, using this excuse of terrorism, the entire world was pushed into the fire of war and the dream of new world order was realized. Under the same new world order, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had ordered to build new Jews' settlements along the western strip of Gaza. Moreover, under the same world order, threats are being given to Iran for enrichment of uranium and probably under the same world order, the Blackwater has arrived in our country so that Pakistan, which is the only nuclear power in the entire Islamic world could be rendered subservient. Our leaders as usual are denying such reports; whereas, the US Embassy is being expanded and the US officials are freely roaming around with weapons and dollars in their pockets.

Expansion of US Embassy
The US officials are saying that after the expansion of the US Embassy in Pakistan, the number of the US staff and troops will be doubled. Moreover, the staff working in the embassy will be tripled and the US troops will continue to come to train Pakistani troops. The US high officials have also confirmed the negotiations with the owner of Pearl Continental Hotel in Peshawar for its purchase. Jerrold Festaine, US deputy ambassador to Pakistan, has said in an interview to BBC that the work is in process in the US Consulate in Karachi for the last one year under the extension project; whereas, the negotiations are underway with the owner for the purchased of five star Pearl Continental Hotel in Peshawar. He further said that it was suggested to purchase Pearl Continental Hotel as it has all the necessities required for the extension project. The negotiations are still underway and no final decision has been taken yet; however, the negotiations can come to a purposive end. Eleven persons died and dozens were injured in an attack on Pearl Continental Hotel in June. In the meanwhile, the reports were coming to the fore that the United States is interested to purchase Pearl Continental Hotel for its Consulate. After the attack, the hotel was closed and its staff was rendered unemployed.

Jerrold Festaine said that the biggest of plans will be started in Islamabad for which some land has already been acquired and the negotiations are in progress to buy more. He further said that the embassy staff, which is currently approximately 250, will be doubled. He said that the number of the US troops, who will come to train the Pakistani military, is unknown, as they will continue to come and go. According to the US Embassy, the Pakistani staff working in the embassy is approximately 1,000, which will also be increased. In the meanwhile, a statement by the US ambassador came to the fore that the US Embassy has rented approximately 200 houses in Islamabad. Moreover, the statements are also coming to the fore that the personnel of private security agency Blackwater are residing in these houses. Now a company working with the name of Xe Services is, in fact, the Blackwater and this agency was working previously for the United States in Iraq. In response to the questions in this regard, Jerrold Festaine said: "It is not right that 200 or 250 houses have been rented; however, when the staff will increase, they will definitely need houses. As far as the security agency is concerned, for that, we have contacts with the security agencies in Pakistan. Similarly, we are negotiating with the US agencies." He did not rebut that the Blackwater security agency is being provided a contract in Pakistan. When he was asked what was the main reason for the extension of the project, he replied that the incumbent US Administration has increased its aid to Pakistan to a greater extent, which also includes (aid under) Kerry-Lugar Bill. Under this bill, many big development projects will be started here and they will require more staff for the supervision.

According to some reports, internationally notorious company "Blackwater" has rented many houses in the posh areas of Islamabad with the support of civil society organizations and has started recruiting former military officers and youngsters on very high salaries. These retired military officers are being paid $1,200 to $2,200 per month. This amount is five times more than the US troops get. After Peshawar, North West Frontier Province (NWFP) and tribal areas, the Blackwater has now arrived in Karachi. The major objectives of the Spider group, a subordinate organization of the Blackwater include, targeting important personalities of Pakistan; getting national secrets of Pakistan at any cost; destroying Al-Qa'ida and investigating its accounts, assets and sources of financial assistance, and providing security to the officials of international organizations, including US Agency for International Development (USAID).

According to the reports, the Blackwater works in collaboration with the US secret agencies, the FBI and CIA.

The Pakistani citizens are bewildered at the silence of the government over the Blackwater and its suspicious subordinate organizations' activities. The weapons recovered from the terrorists had also been provided by the Blackwater. Former US Vice President Dick Cheney is the incumbent president of this organization. The famous US writer Jeremy Scahill clearly writes in her book, Blackwater that the real purpose of this organization is to spread Christianity world over and to eliminate Islam. The media are continuously making us aware of the activities of the Blackwater. The Blackwater is now recruiting retired Pakistan military officers to achieve the US nefarious designs; whereas, 200 houses after renting at a high cost have been used for secret activities. The Blackwater, after the disclosure of its name, has continued its activities under a pseudonym. It seems a plan similar to the East India Company. The incidences, which have been reported to the police currently, and the way the personnel of this company are roaming around pretending themselves as the US officials, is quite suspicious. The silence government and relevant departments have kept on the activities of this organization should be broken and action should be taken against the Blackwater so that people are secured from the feelings of fear and threat. The government should adopt a clear stance in this regard.

According to some other reports, the US private investigation and nuclear security company "Wackenhut's" officials have been deployed in the diplomatic enclave in Islamabad and other cities. Four officials of this US company, Wackenhut, have been found involved in a clash with a common citizen at diplomatic enclave. In the federal capital -- Islamabad -- the US security company has deployed hundreds of security guards at different offices, residences, and embassies. The said company got itself registered in Pakistan as Wackenhut Pakistan Private Limited Company on 24 December 1992. Its registration was valid until 29 December 2007; after which no extension was demanded. The US security company, Wackenhut, provides nuclear industry security service, ambassadors' security service, VMT service, armed security, and emergency services. Its nuclear service division headquarters is situated at Palm Beach Garden in Florida. The Wackenhut controls the matters of security primarily and particularly investigation.

Any security company has to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Interior Ministry to start security operations in Pakistan, which requires documents, while registration at the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and the bank statement of only $18,194. After that, the NOC is issued within three to four months. According to a former ambassador, because of this easy way of registration of the security companies, dozens of companies, under different names and NGOs, have already established their offices in Pakistan. However, issuance of the NOC to any company providing nuclear security and investigation services is a suspicious matter; particularly in the context where our nuclear assets are a thorn in the Western countries eyes.

Nuclear Security and Investigation
Moreover, the propaganda of using these assets by terrorist is also being done continuously. In such situation, a company is continuing its operation, the registration of which has expired two years ago. Moreover, it also is a famous company for nuclear security and investigation. The question here is that why our security agencies are oblivious of this matter. Moreover, how a security company is continuing its work without extending its registration? The Unites States is surely monitoring our nuclear assets through this company and in order further expand this work; it has planned to turn its embassy into a mini cantonment and subprison. No other country of the world -- except Iraq where the US aggression is continuing -- has such a big embassy like the one is being constructed in Pakistan. All political parties have adopted a criminal silence over this situation. Only Jamaat-e-Islami has shown concern on this matter in "Go America Go" campaign few days ago.

The expansion of the US Embassy in Pakistan is the planning of bringing the lost war of Afghanistan into Pakistan and controlling it from here. All political parties and our leadership should seriously think over this matter. The Pakistani foreign minister has given the reason for the US Embassy's expansion that the United States is doing it for the long-term relations. The US Embassy is trying to dig its feet deep like the East India Company. The government must refuse to compromise on the sovereignty of the country in exchange of dollars and aid. Otherwise, horrific consequences can come to the fore.

The analysts are holding the Blackwater responsible for the attack on Marriot Hotel in Pakistan, which was using a large part of the hotel as its headquarters. Now, at last, the US newspapers have confirmed that the United States has signed an agreement with the Blackwater for its activities in Pakistan. Moreover, the company will end every anti-US person or group, which could include journalists, religious leaders, political leaders, and social workers. However, our leaders, political parties, and religious leaders are silent on this matter.

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