Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Growing Problems For Pakistan

When the Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari reached London after completing his Chinese visit, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has advised President Zardari to demonstrate more performance in eliminating "extremism" in Pakistan. The key ally and right-hand country of the United States, the United Kingdom has demanded this from President Zardari after military operation that rendered 3.5 million persons homeless in Swat, Buner, and Malakand Agency and the killing of Baitullah Mehsud in Waziristan.

However, the US and British forces in Afghanistan are confronting continuous failures. The negative repercussions of this war have been appearing in the United Kingdom after the dead bodies of the British troops killed in Hilmand reached the United Kingdom.

War on Terrorism
However, the worry of the US and British rulers is not going to mitigate after the Pakistani Government and the Army have rendered millions of people homeless in Swat in war with their own people. Even Pakistan has put its own domestic security under threat by allying itself in the so-called war on terror unleashed by the United States and European countries. Despite this, the US and UK masters are not ready to put trust in the Pakistani rulers.

President Zardari is begging for cash support for the rehabilitation of the Internally Displaced People (IDPs) from Swat during his foreign trips. However, he did not get any response in this regard so far. The meetings of the "Friends of Democratic Pakistan" to support the IDPs from Swat are continuously underway. Approximately $ 5 billion have been pledged. However, this aid could not be delivered.

UK Grants Economic Aid Granted
However, the British Prime Minister Brown has directed President Zardari to do more work during him meeting, he has also demanded the guarantee that the aid of 655 million pounds assured by the United Kingdom should be spent at right places. Continuous meetings of the "Friends of Democratic Pakistan" are underway. However, the foreign master is not ready to put trust in the Pakistani rulers.

Expansion of US Embassy

In this background, the expansion of the US Embassy, the establishment of the US military base, and the US deal with a private terror organization Blackwater in the name of security are the burning topics regarding Pakistan's security. After the details in this regard published in the Pakistani newspapers and media, it is required that anti-Pakistan, the United States and the Western countries should be resisted.

Future Ahead
Pakistan's secret and intelligence agencies responsible for frustrating the plans of the enemies of the nation have given open letter to the foreign agencies like CIA and FBI, they have also become their operatives. In the backdrop of this grave situation, the chief Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan, is continuously inviting all segments of Pakistan, including political and religious parties to organize an anti-US public drive.

Syed Munawar Hasan, during his address in the Jamia Mosque in Mansoora (JI headquarters in Lahore), said that the United States has made Pakistan its colony. Pakistan is being encircled from all sides. Open attack has been launched on the sovereignty of Pakistan. Therefore, it is the duty of all patriotic parties and citizens to raise their voices against it and bring the common people on roads.

Syed Munawar Hasan has also written a special article on the topic -- the Anti-US Alliance. He has appealed to the leaders of all political parties in it saying the basic need of the hour is an Anti-US Alliance. He wrote that there was no other option to save Pakistan. This is the call of time. He wrote that all parties in the government had struck a deal to safeguard the US priorities and interests.

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