Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Strengthening Security in Border States

Pakistan may be participating in the US "war against terror," but it is difficult to change its viewpoint about India. This is the reason for terrorist groups active there hatching conspiracies of attacking India without any hitch, but it is not making any difference to the Pakistani Government.

The US Government is getting the Taliban active on the border adjoining Afghanistan wiped out by giving financial aid to Pakistan, but it remains restricted to registering only verbal protests when Lashkar-e Taiyiba or Jaish-e Muhammad terrorists attack India.

Concrete Information,
On 17 August, when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made a revelation of concrete information about terrorists' intent, the surprise was what would be Pakistan's explanation to the world community in this situation.

Pakistan had made a promise at Sharm El-Sheikh just a few days ago that it would not allow its soil to be used for terrorist attacks against India, but it is ignoring such terrorist activities. It should immediately wield the stick of law against such terrorists and should give India proof of its good intentions.

Losses to Innocent Indians
Although all border states are important from the viewpoint of internal security, Rajasthan shares the longest 1,040-km international border with Pakistan. In border regions, Indians also have their relatives living in Pakistan.

Had it been some other country, these relations would have formed a strong bond, but every government in Pakistan has taken only undue advantage of these relations until now, and has encouraged hostile activities. This is only causing losses to innocent Indians. Knowingly or unknowingly, they abet smuggling of narcotic substances and fake currency notes, and infiltration from Pakistan.

Increasing Crimes
The opening up of Munnabao-Khokrapar rail line has increased such crimes. Without adequate federal financial assistance, it is not possible for a backward state like Rajasthan to get rid of these problems. Hectic activities were seen after the blasts in Jaipur in May 2008, but neither did Rajasthan get category "A" security from the federal government, nor did the plan to make Jaipur a National Security Guard hub move ahead.

After the 26 November 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, defense experts had suggested several measures including strengthening intelligence network, but Rajasthan, which deserved to be the first state to get them, is still lacking it.

Positive and Firm Determination
It would also have to be kept in mind that every citizen has to contribute to internal security. Money may be more important to raise living standards, but security of life is not possible without new thoughts and firm determination.

However, it would be a daydream to obtain it only on the strength of money. Apart from Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, Gujarat, Bihar, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, and Tripura are the other States on which the Union Government would have to focus attention to strengthen the country's internal security. It is futile to expect hopeful signs from Pakistan.

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