Friday, July 1, 2011

Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations

Pakistan and Afghanistan are two brotherly countries sharing the holy religion of Islam and living up to the principles of this religion, while both the countries also have a common border and a common bright future. Earlier too, the two countries have faced strained relations along their common border. However, the then leaders had resolved the matter peacefully through their vision and wisdom.
During the rule of Shahids (martyrs) Sardar Mohammad Daud and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, both the countries had suffered tense relations but Shahid Zulfikar Ali Bhutto made these relations all-time better with just one visit to Kabul.
Various Important Matters
The security commander of Kunar Province has informed the capital, Kabul that the borders of his province have repeated been violated by Pakistan with the use of artillery. He said the central government should allow him to show his reaction. The report has come at a time when several days ago a delegation of Pakistan visited Kabul and later a team of Afghan high officials paid a special visit to Pakistan. During the visits, both the sides discussed various important matters, including trade, and also signed agreements.
During the visit, no country even complained about violation of the common border. The Afghan delegation, during the talks, did not even mention that its border has been crossed by Pakistan troops.
The Afghan capital had also been given the report that two innocent children had been injured in firing by Pakistani troops. Both the countries need leaders having wisdom and vision to resolve the grievances of the neighboring Islamic countries.
Pakistan and Afghanistan should end differences and restore the normal relation, which are in the larger interest of both the countries. The enemy of Afghanistan is the enemy of Pakistan. Similarly, the enemy of Pakistan should be the enemy of Afghanistan.
Principles of Good Neighborliness
Serving the interest of each other, both the brother Islamic countries would become prosperous nations of the region, which is the interest of Afghanistan and Pakistan. There are over 18 countries of the region, including Central Asia, which are leading a happy life and whether at official or non-official level, they are making progress in every field. However, only Pakistan and Afghanistan have turned into battlefields of rival countries.
If the civil and military leaders of both the counties keep the principles of good neighborliness and better life of their people in view, all their problems will get resolved tactfully.

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