Friday, July 29, 2011

New Drive for India-Pakistan Peace

In the subcontinent, India and Pakistan have conveniently remained rivals. Deriving benefit of their skirmishes, international lobbies filled up their coffers. There are countries who consider India-Pakistan cordial relations a threat to them. Simultaneously, there are countries who consider their friendship the guarantee of stability.
Global analysts know very well that their enmity can prove deadly as they both are nuclear powers. In both countries there are elements who are trying instigation through communalism. In both the regions there are separatist elements. Pakistani fundamentalists try to find reason for jihad (crusade) against India, calling it as Kufristan (the land of nonbelievers). Whereas, Hindu fundamentalists still do not recognize the existence of Pakistan. Both the ideologies are negative and dangerous and not supported by the prudish.
US Approach and Role
Continued US defeat in Afghanistan forces it to meddle for peace between India and Pakistan. I think it is a good effort on the part of the United States which should be supported. It is heartening that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh from the very beginning has been trying to create good relations. His steps are courageous. He is a man of open heart and feels the pain created by the enmity. He has seen such circumstances at close quarters which created unending process of problems and disasters. Pakistan has fast been going on the path of regression. Its militant religious groups are devastating its economic fabric. Pakistani rulers have realized that the support for extremism is fatal for them.
Adopting Positive Approaches
The arrival of Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar should be viewed in this perspective. The meeting between the external affairs ministers was result oriented. Both adopted positive approaches that may be fruitful in the future. Six-month multiple visa for traders living at the Line of Control and making two-day trading to four days are of vital importance. The fixation of external affairs ministers' meeting is also a good sign. India's demand to give it a special status of trading country is a prudish idea.
I think Manmohan Singh should take interest in this direction and promote business between the countries. There are several items in the Indian market which Pakistan requires and several things are there which India requires. Recently, during scarcity of onion, lentil, and sugar, India had to import from Pakistan. We should create the sentiments of Samaritans in the hour of need. Facilities should be given for transportation. It is hoped that the group in power of Pakistan will realize the pains of the people and by forgetting the bitterness of the past should work for a bright future with sincerity.

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