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Virus in World Civilization: Fundamentalists on Shoulder of Peril Humanity

The great creator has created seven skies and grounds that means the earth beautifully through the skilled artisans. He has created 18,000 species. Of them, the almighty announced the mankind as the greatest creature of the creator by vesting task of love and responsibility in the human being. He also handed over the responsibility of representation to other creatures. Moreover, he has kept the human being created by earth at the level of faults. He has also provided adequate knowledge of understanding good and bad ways to two communities---the human being and demons. He has created heaven for good people and hell for bad people. He has also kept ready a fine judiciary system for dooms day. He has sent saints to each locality to inform about the benefit of good work and bad work. He also sent time-befitting books on law for giving directives on positive and negative sides.
Extreme Peak of Development
The mankind as per its pervading natural rules thinks themselves as lovely and beautiful and members of well-civilized nation. On the other hand, they consider others as ugly, nasty, black sheep and uncivilized. The people before 10,000 years used to claim that they are well-civilized nation. Those who lived before them were barbaric, orthodox, primordial and wild people. We claim in today's world that we are well-civilized nation. We want to prove through various innovations and architecture that we are in extreme peak of the development. Those who lived before us were orthodox, barbaric, primordial, wild and uncivilized. The people crossed the 21st century would claim that they are well-civilized nation. Do you know what they would mention us? They are ugly, nasty, barbaric, orthodox, fanatics, illiterate, impolite and uncivilized. Or they would give a new hateful title. Let see are we really a well-civilized nation or holding any hatful adjective.
The creator has not only sent Hazrat Adam ,the first man, to the world as a complete great man by providing all kinds of education, rather the almighty has sent him as a messenger or teacher of animals of all species including human being and demons. He has sent Hazrat Hawa as the wife of Hazrat Adam. The spread of posterity is made from the above mentioned original father and mother and ancient Semitic, Hamitic, Ad Samud etc which have emerged as the successors of Adam and Hawa later. Various branches and tentacles of these nations spread at different places of the world. At the rotation of time, various nations and communities were born side by side with building of various civilizations. According to the testimony of the history, the Jews were nomadic nation before 1500 BC. In course of time, they were divided into three branches -- Finish, Aramaic and Hebrew. For finding out the lot, they left the Arab desert region and one branch set up settlement in Egypt, another in Palestine and the rest branch established settlement in Kenona town. During settlement in Egypt, the Hebrew nation took slavery of Faraun Kaus. The Hebrew nation was freed from the shackle of slavery after Kaus drowned in the Nile River during the war with Hazrat Musa . Under the leadership of Hazrat Daud and Hazrat Solaiman, they were installed in the seat of glory in phases and established the Hebrew empire side by side with building Hebrew civilization. At that time, Jerusalem was their capital. After the death of Hazrat Solaiman, the fall of the Hebrew empire began and they were spread at different parts of the world. In the year of 3500 BC, that great Babylon civilization was built due to reconciliation of Semitic civilization. Asiria civilization was one of its branch and ancient Hebrew civilization was a different branch of Semitic nation. At the rotation of time, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Sindhu and Arjya civilizations were built. The sum and substance is that it is the world civilization or modern civilization which has been built with mixing of culture of the East and West. Some historians expressed opinion that the Egyptian that means Arab civilization carries the inheritance of the Helle nic civilization. The claimants of these civilizations reached in such a stage in the 10th century by making great reconciliation of all civilization which has been called as the era of 'Aiyame Jaheliat' or the 'Era of Darkness'. After ups and downs, when the world people were engaged in injustice, unholy practice, wars, women, liquor, anarchy and violence, while indiscipline became a regular phenomenon, then the world civilization experienced stumbling in every step.
The creator has sent great saints or messengers in all ages to bring the derailed people in the right track. And Prophet Muhammad was the last prophet who was sent by the almighty Allah to the world about 1500 years ago as a messenger to show the light of the derailed people. We the Muslim community has taken shelter under the very pleasant shade of Islam, the religion preached by the great prophet. Our predecessors were baptized in the religious tenet preached by Hazrat Muhammad that means the great book Al Koran which was vested in the great prophet. It is necessary to mention as the all old constitutions that means religious opinions were annulled with the appearance of the great book Al Koran, what is the logic to call the Muslims as fundamentalists?
Despite remaining united by the Jews, Christians and Buddhists and following cancellation of their all ideologies and philosophies, they cannot spread their 30-40 thousand year-old religious opinion. Being fanatics and covered by the bigotry, they cannot accept the invitation of Islam. A few numbers of people were baptized in Islam by realizing its necessity, but the majority people remain orthodoxy. The mentioned fanatics are hatching bad and hatful conspiracies to prove themselves innocent. The thirsts of Jews, infidels, Christians, the Hindus and others, who claimed themselves well-civilized, are yet to end, by making the humanity in peril and shouldering the ghost of fundamentalism on the Muslims. Besides the fundamentalism, they have given various titles to the Muslims like orthodox Muslim, fanatics Muslim, militant Muslims, terrorist Muslim etc. Khwaza Ismail Mohammad Umrad, Golam Farid, Bahaullah, Golam Ahmad Qadiani, who are the successors of the posterity of Meer Jafar, Ghoseti Begum, the intruders of the Jews, infidels and Christians, were the claimers of feigning prophets. Earlier many feigning prophets faced outrage of Allah by claiming Nabuat.
Those who were condemned for opposing Islam openly were author of the Saternic Verses Salman Rushdi, insulters of Al Koran Sardar Alauddin, author of the controversial book, Lajja, feminist Taslima Nasrin. Their collaborators remain active that how make breach or crack in the Islami unity and belief. The Muslim women have been pressed into the streets alluring them employments and providing equal service through the non-government organizations and in the name of women renaissance. Our mothers and sisters are being naked by opening Hijab in the name of enforcement of various laws. By creating panic of famine, they are engaged in conspiracies to reduce the Muslim manpower, by distributing free contraceptives. Conspiracies are on to change the syllabus of Qaumi madrasa and stop fatwa, which is an integral part of Islam. Poet Daud Haidar made acrimonious comments to the Muslims as fundamentalists when he filed a story in favour of feminist Taslima Nasrin in daily Manab Jamin on July 15 in 2009.
You can read the titled 'Taslima Nasrin's Lajja and Others' edited by Mousi Yasmin as how the poets, litterateurs and newspapers of two Bengals and India undermined the Muslims. Or reading directly 'Lajja' as how Scud missiles have been thrown on Islam. The Muslim people waged a movement considering that the image of Islam will be tarnished and communal harmony in India and Bangladesh would be destroyed. As the then government banned Lajja by undertaking stringent measures, would the respected lawyers term the government as fundamentalists ? In fact, the word of fundamentalism has been evolved from Beng ali language. A section of Alem society in blind faith or other intention or going to express one-sided thinking, analyzed the misinterpretation of the word fundamentalism. But everybody admitted that the word fundamentalism has been turned into reviling like Meer Jafar. Many of their opinion is that we are accepting Adam to lone Allah, accepting the prophets and Risalat and laws of Allah from the beginning and believing those, so we are fundamentalists.
Why they are not trying to understand that the name of these acceptances and beliefs is oneness. The word Allah is the name of a unique entity. On the other hand, the fundamentalism is a law created by the human being and the name of an ideology. Two different matters--fundamentalism and oneness are not same in any way. If confusion is created by mixing up the two separate theories, the birth of different Ferqa or organization is no wonder. It is mentionable that Islam was sent to all prophets including Adam and Issa They all recognized the lone Allah and preached His faith. The rituals of Islam which were essential to perform by them were not applicable for us. The almighty Allah Himself through the holy Koran annulled all laws, theories and ideologies that were vested in the prophets. As the word of 'fundamentalism' has come from Bengali language and it is not a part of Quran-Hadith and has been turned into reviling and the word is applicable for separate religious faiths, would the consequence of shouldering the word on the Muslim nation be good? Rather, it carries the forecast of creating brotherly conflict in the Muslim society and separating the Muslim unity.
Is there any scope of thinking for a single time that the great philosophy and ideology named Al Koran sent by Allah and preached by Muhammad is a complete book where all kinds of present time-befitting laws have been incorporated. It has been clearly mentioned in the Koran that Islam is a complete code of life. This notion has been recognized by all irrespective of religions, caste and creed. It is our beyond realization that why a section of Muslims want to be fundamentalists after showing lame excuse.
A magazine on religious Tamuddun affairs in its January 2011 issue published the editorial titled 'Evaluation of fundamentalists and non-fundamentalists'. As per the language of the editor of the magazine, the fundamentalists are the real Muslims. However, in the last part of the editorial, he said the word 'fundamentalist' has been turned into a reviling.
It is the recognition of the Muslims as fundamentalist by describing the Muslims fundamentalists directly. It can be said with example that everybody has freedom of expression. It is his/her fundamental rights. But it does not mean that anybody could be reviled illogically in the name of freedom of expression. Does Abdul Wahed think the Muslims are blind, deaf and dumb or disabled? It seems that only Wahed holds the authority of 1500 million Muslims. Or he has the power of acceptance and denial of that matter which is vested in 1500 million Muslims!
The Western nations were worried after the discovering of a huge quantity of natural resources in the Muslim countries in Asia and Africa which were independent after the Second World War. The Western powerful nations thought that if the Muslim countries become the owners of huge natural resources and they remain united, they would dominate them very soon. From this apprehension and necessity, the Western nations are trying to create crack in the unity of Muslim countries. They are continuing creating anarchy through panicky propaganda against the Muslim nations which was highlighted in my article.
Undermining Muslims Through Mockery
Burden of shouldering one or one more communities:
The titles like Fundamentalist Muslims, Orthodox Muslims, Militant Muslims and Terrorist Muslims are the sharpen weapons or cruise missiles of the Western forces to destroy the Muslim community. These Western forces are always panicked before the jubilant spirit of Muslims. Despite not having any natural resources Japan, which was destroyed by the nuclear bomb during World War II, was the target of envy of the Western forces. So they are making all-out efforts to destroy the Muslims by giving up the civilization. The masked shameless people want to cover their stigma by observing the Hiroshima Day. In fact they do not bother the civilization. The non-Muslim community is continuing to undermine the Muslims. When they feel self satisfaction by undermining the Muslims through mockery, then their spies or agents welcome through various media to satisfy their lords. They are pushing the adjective named civilization towards the death through books, newspapers, handbill, leaflet, posters, radio, television, CD, VCD, DVD, websites and publicity machinery. As they do not know the correct definition of the fundamentalism and they have no capability of complete analyzing of fundamentalism, a section of the ulema society thinks that oneness and fundamentalism is same. They also think that they were baptized in Islam before Hazrat Muhammad It is not correct at all.
The holy Qran has annulled all ideologies and religious opinions including earlier religions. The role of that ulema society is so frustrating that does not need to say. It would be clear to the readers like daylight by unveiling the mask and some scattered incidents of America that who are infecting the world civilization by virus. And in the name of war on terror, who are burdening the fundamentalism on the shoulder of the Muslims and crippling the world civilization.
Situation in Arab World
Look at present Lebanon and Palestine. The air of Palestine has become heavy due to crying of bloody people of Palestine. Threat after threat is coming in Iran, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Jordan and other Muslim countries. Despite that, would you say that the world civilization remains unhurt?
Dear readers, the incident between Iraq and Kuwait was a brotherly conflict. Arab League had the responsibility to resolve the matter as it was the internal matter of the Arab world. But in the name of peacekeeping, the United Nations destroyed the country by violating thousands of mothers and sisters and looting the oil resources. The oil-rich nations are now the victims of hateful lust. The world civilization has been counting time of death.
Look at Afghanistan and Bosnia. Did the Western countries not carry out aggression on these countries? They are now over the moon by dividing Soviet Union into 15 pieces. The world civilization is now weeping after being emotionalized after extreme Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena under the leadership of LK Advani and under the guidance of fanatic Hindu Dharma Sabha and Biswa Hindu Parishad leveled the Babri Mosque with soil ignoring the High Court verdict.
Bangladesh’s Liberation War
Remember the Bangladesh’s Liberation War in 1971. Three million freedom fighters sacrificed their lives after they were bullet-hit by the Pakistani occupation forces which were equipped with arms provided by so-called super powers America and China. Ignoring the international war policy and painting foot step at the chest of the civilization, they violated 200,000 mothers and sisters. Where was the UN Human Rights Commission, where was the UN Security Council and Geneva Convention? They will be thrown into the dustbin of the history. The days are not far long, they would be awarded hateful titles to be given by the people of the 20th century. Besides, they would try to stigmatize us through false fishing net. The world civilization is now fighting for life after being attacked with the deadly disease. The Western people pushed the world civilization toward the death. How the world people would find out a remedy? Is there any preventive medicine?
Yes, the only preventive medicine is faith. Scud, cruise, and other deadly weapons are outdated before. The Muslims have no fear as they are martyrs if they die and Gazi (hero) if they live. So revive the faith. Jump with nuclear of faith. Whatever barriers have come, face this with courage of faith. It is the time for taking preparation of self-protection. Wake up as it is not the time for sleep. The tornado would be further strengthened if you sleep. Face the enemies of Islam with the strength of faith.
We should keep it in mind that the crushing of the Western people would not be good. The last victory of the faithful is sure because Allah would extend support to them. And Allah is the only resort of the faithful. So we are saying without any doubt that the world civilization suffering from deadly disease would be cured, the faithful would witness last victory.

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