Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Is Nepal Sovereign?

Daughter of the Himalayas Nepal is figuratively an independent country. In reality, there is no evidence that the country situated in a blocked alley without any maritime border has independence and sovereignty. The entire country except the Tibet region of China covered with snow in north is locked by Indian territory. Because of free movement of Indian citizens in the country it seems they have no identity of their own. Everything, including economy, politics, and commerce, is controlled by the Indian Government or Indian people.
About the Country
The geographical area of Nepal is 147,000 sq. km., which is almost equal to Bangladesh. Population in the country is approximately 28.5 million. Both Army and government exist in the country. Although the British Empire spread across the world, Nepal was not part of the British rule in that regime directly. However, it is known that it was a tributary state. Nepali royal family ruled the country after paying huge amount of tax to the British viceroy. The British left the subcontinent 65 years ago. Two countries have emerged in the subcontinent. Then, Bangladesh was formed as well. Nepal was separated then and even now. The country situated in the highest place of the world. The highest peak of the world the Mount Everest and the Himalayas Mountains are in Nepal.
Nepal has everything like highest mountains, clear stream of falls, flowing water of river running down the mountains with sand and stone, lake, green forest, and vast ground full of crops. Considering all the country seems like a country of paintings. Therefore, hundreds of tourists come to the country every day. People from across the world come to enjoy this beauty. As a result, the country is one of the crowded tourist spots of the world.
Restoration of Democracy
Despite these characteristics the people of Nepal are not living in peace. They seem refugee in their own land. The patriot royal family of Nepal has been destroyed. Monarchy seized operation in the name of establishing democracy. But that democracy has not come, yet. Only a month ago the elected government has resigned. Now the rule of interim government is going on. The main task of this government formed by different political parties is to formulate the constitution that is, finalize the basic principle of running the state. The country is running without a constitution, now. Political violence, instability, and chaos including closure strike, bombing, and gunfire are the daily incidents of the country.
According to civil society of Nepal and experienced quarters, direct and indirect instigation of India is active behind these. Involvement of India is also responsible for destroying the royal family of Nepal as this royal family was true patriot and anti-Indian. Noted personalities of Kathmandu have said that this large neighbor is trying its best, so that political stability can never come back to Nepal. As a result, the country would not be able to stand tall. So, India would be able to keep the country under its control strategically.
Visa System
Visa system of Nepal for all countries is very easy as it is a tourist-based country. Any citizen of any country of the world can get port entry visa if reaches Nepal through land or air. But no visa is required for Indian citizens. Border of Nepal is totally open. None asks about the identity of a citizen. However, if police asks or challenges, it is enough for Indian citizens to show their National ID card. An Indian citizen can stay Nepal as per his wish and can enjoy all type of citizenry services. There is no control in border or any other places. Because of free movement of Indian citizens, Indians are controlling the trade, commerce, economy, and even the transport system of Nepal. As it is a tourist-based country, hotel, bar, and domestic and international transport or aviation systems are very developed. But that is also under Indian control. Indians are taking away huge amount of money from foreign tourists by deception. Moreover, there is no trade or commerce in the hands of Nepalese. Some do the job of farming in the Tarai region. In hill areas Mongoloids and Gurkhas do odd jobs including jhum (hilly style) farming, labor in tea garden and sheep farming. Most of the Nepalese from Abian ethnic group do farming or other odd jobs. As a result, the living standard of Nepalese is only declining with each passing day.
Employment Opportunities
A major part of Nepalese males are working aboard as they cannot do anything in the country. In addition to various cities of India, they work in different countries of the Middle East and Africa. As a result, the number of male in of the entire Nepal is much lower.
The entire Nepal seems full of women. For living they also are involved with various jobs, including grocers and making tea along with the earnings of expatriate husbands. As they are landlocked Nepal has opportunity to make export and import with any other country except India. They have to import from India or through India. They do not have any freedom regarding this. As a result, although Nepal is a tourism-based country, they cannot import any high standard vehicles for public transport. Old Indian vehicles are their only refuge. They want direct port, highways, and railways connection with Bangladesh. But India is the major obstruction. India has tied Nepal from all sides. It seems it is a tributary state of India.

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