Monday, April 11, 2011

Obama's Fate in US Elections 2012

The future of US President Barack Obama, who himself drags the world down through his fingers, is on stake. After keeping up with the unpopular Afghan war and invasion of Libya, little chances are in sight that Obama will succeed in the upcoming presidential elections. Also, his future does not seem much different to that of Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush.

Numerous Hindrances

US President Obama may confront numerous hindrances in the way of his reelection in the presidential polls to be held in 2012. These impediments include the crumbling economic state of affairs in the country, unemployment, continuation of the Afghan war, which is unpopular among the US public, problems during the process of withdrawal, and unnecessary attacks on Libya. Therefore, it is very much possible that President Obama will meet the similar fate of Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush.

Because of the global and domestic changes that occurred during the past few months, the speculations about Obama being reelected have also been strengthened. However, still there are several issues involving the national economic situation and foreign policy that could hinder his efforts to reach White House of the United States, once again.

Congressional Midterm Elections

On the domestic level, the political popularity of President Obama has witnessed declension after the November 2010 when during the congressional midterm elections, Republicans secured majority votes and took the control of House of Representatives and had minified the majority of Democrats in Senate as well.

During the different public polls and surveys, conducted after November, President Obama enjoyed almost 50 percent popularity. Several critics are holding him a strong candidate against the republican rival in the presidential elections, who is yet to be elected.

According to Peter Brown, expert on public surveys, associated with Queen Piak, the rating of President Obama has declined during past few days. However, Peter says that with the advent of the hyped election campaign during the coming months, the common people may turn their attention to him on a larger scale. In the past, the opinions of the US people have been directly proportional to the rating of the presidential candidates particularly in terms of domestic economy.

Critical Issue

According the statistics released last week, the ratio of joblessness in the United States is constantly declining and at this time it is 8.8 percent, which is the lowest during the past two years. This report is being declared welcome news for the hopes of the reelection of President Obama.

Stephen Heyse, expert on presidential affairs, associated with Brookings Institute of Washington, believes that the most critical issue that will impact the impending US elections will be situation of employment in the states. Larry Sabato of University of Virginia is of the same opinion, more or less. He says that the outcome of the coming year elections depends on the fact that how the US voters view the economic policies of President Obama.

According to Larry, the common people are not going to ask at the elections that why the economy is crumbling or advancing; rather they will accuse or give credit to President Obama for the prevailing economic state of affairs. However, the present state of affairs in Libya, the ongoing political strain in the Middle East, the process of US forces' withdrawal during the current year in July are such factors which can critically impact the electoral campaign of President Obama.

Campaign for Reelection

The political analyst Charlie Cook believes that during the 2012 elections, President Obama will like to draw up his presidential campaign for reelection in the light of the successful election campaign of former President Ronald Regan as Regan had managed to be reelected as the US President with his successful campaign.

According to Charlie Cook, president Obama will also avoid repeating the election mistakes of former US President Jimmy Carter because of which Carter had failed to succeed in the second US presidential elections of 1980. Cook says that during the presidential regime of Jimmy Carter, this impression was rife that he had lost control of the global affairs and he apparently looked helpless in the face of these global changes and thus finally had to pay the price during the 1980 elections. However, certainly President Obama will not like such an impression developing about him.

Global and Domestic Failures

Obama will try to repeat the history of Ronald Regan who, in spite of several global and domestic failures, was given credit for improving the economic situation in the United States and because of the same factor, Ronald Regan hit success in his second elections.

During the 2012 presidential elections, as many as more than a dozen candidates are ready in their wings to plunge in the election arena. However, none has formally declared his presidential candidature up to now.

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