Saturday, April 2, 2011

Natural Disasters: Lesson for People

The recent tsunami and earthquake in Japan have once again sent a wave of horror among the nations of the world. As a result of this devastating quake, hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes, thousands of bodies have already been discovered and search is going on to find more. The international community is seriously concerned because the recent quakes have also affected the nuclear reactors and there are reports of radiation leaks from some of these reactors. Japan has asked the World Commission for assistance in handling the crisis, so that any possible crisis can be prevented in time.

The way tsunamis and earthquakes have frequently caused destruction in numerous countries around the world during the past few years is something very worrying. The Western scientists and people under their influence have established big research centers and institutions to find out the reasons and causes of natural disasters. Based on their knowledge and ability, they have discovered some of the causes and have also come up with ways to prevent such disasters.

Modern Technology vs Natural Disasters

The surprising thing is that Japan, a country that has made great progress in the field of science and technology, has been hit by an earthquake. All the coastal areas of Japan were made "earthquake-proof" and they even had equipment that can provide advance warning when a quake is on its way. But when devastating earthquake hit Japan, neither were the quake-proof buildings and houses able to survive nor was the equipment able to give any warning. This incident has once again exposed the weaknesses in modern technology and has forced people to think that human wisdom and knowledge is still not as powerful as the forces of nature.

We are not saying that finding out the reasons and causes of these earthquakes and tsunamis is useless or pointless. But what we mean is that in addition to finding out about the worldly causes of such disasters, we should also pay attention to the spiritual factors behind these tragedies that often go beyond human wisdom and knowledge. In simple words, we need to find out the worldly factors that lead to such disasters and take effective measures to avoid those factors.

God and his messenger -- Prophet Mohammad -- has told us everything about when and why such disasters strike humans. The most significant of these reasons are the wicked deeds that bring the wrath of God. We can find a lot of examples of these deeds among the nations that came before us. Earthquakes, storms, floods, and other natural disasters have destroyed countless powerful nations, erasing all signs of their existence. All this was a result of disobedience of God by these nations.

Impact of Vulgarity and Immorality

As far as earthquakes are concerned, it has been said that they occur when vulgarity and immorality are widespread on earth. Now we can see this truth with our own eyes. The "naked" culture of Europe and the West has promoted vulgarity and immorality. Under these circumstances, the occurrence of earthquakes and tsunamis is not something to be surprised about. In fact, it gives us a glimpse of the kind of punishment we will get for our sins.

All of this means that along with worldly causes of natural disasters, we also need to address the spiritual factors behind such tragedies and make sure we follow the commandments of God and his messenger.

Performing Good Deeds

Moreover, such disasters and tragedies are a warning from the nature that no matter how hard the humans work, they can never reverse the unwavering decisions of the nature. When a minor natural disaster can cause so much damage and destruction, is it something hard for the creator of this universe to destroy the entire world? All these incidents take place, so that we can have faith in the day of judgment.

The people who still do not believe in the hereafter or show ignorance in this matter should learn their lessons from such incidents. They should prepare for the life after death before another horrible tragedy takes place and perform some good deeds that can help them avoid God's wrath. Otherwise, natural disasters can have an effect on anyone, anytime. Intelligent people will learn their lessons from such incidents rather than themselves being part of the lessons of history.

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