Thursday, April 14, 2011

BRICS Summit

The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) summit is being held at a time when there is great upheaval in several Islamic countries. The heads of the organization have assembled in China's Sanya City. Hints of a cease-fire between Israel and the HAMAS on the Palestine issue are being thrown.

India is striving to improve its relations with its neighbor, Pakistan, through the cricket diplomacy. India also appears to be desirous of holding talks with China on all major issues, including the border dispute. India also appears to be desirous of mutual cooperation between the countries.

Aim and Objective

The aim of the BRICS is to enhance cooperation among member countries and working together at the international forums. Clearly, it is an opportunity for India to improve and strengthen its relations with China and strive to get their disputes resolved.

The summit is being held on 14 and 15 April. Recently, while relations between India and China have largely improved, some issues have become intense. The report of the infiltration of the Chinese soldiers, for instance, in Arunachal Pradesh, Chinese activities in some areas in the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, and the issuance of stapled visas to residents of Jammu and Kashmir by China. All these led to escalation of tension between them. Yet, the leadership of the two countries judiciously did not let their relations deteriorate. In fact, India-China relations are imperative not only for the two countries alone, but for the progress of the entire Asia and the world peace at large.

Importance of BRICS Countries

The importance of the BRICS countries is no less either. Some member countries in the organization are among the fast emerging economies in the world. At the same time, the world has come to realize that to bring an end to the unipolar world and to maintain the power balance, the importance of Russia cannot be ignored. Countries such as China and Brazil not only want to maintain close relations with the United States, but with Russia as well. At the same time, despite recent closeness between India and the United States, there is the need to reiterate and rejuvenate old friendship and traditional relations with Russia as well.

Ever since its independence, South Africa has made progress in several fields of human endeavors. Its trade relations with the BRICS and other countries deserved to be lauded. In short, the summit assumes greater importance in the world spectrum. If the member countries succeed in reaching some concrete decisions during the two-day deliberations, it would be of immense benefit to the region for US industrial development.

West Asia and Other Issues

The trade and economic relations and then development and discussions on the situation in West Asia and other countries are on the agenda of the BRICS. The inclusion of the situation in West Asia can be termed a positive indication that going by the fact that the United Nations, which has turned into a puppet in the US hands, cannot be expected to play any major role to play in the West Asia and check the intervention of the US and its allies in these countries.

The United Nations also cannot be expected to find an amicable and just solution to the Palestine issue. Under the circumstances, it devolves around the organizations like BRICS, that they evince keen interest in getting international issues resolved but also present the US and its allies to implement their game plan in West Asia and prevent them from fishing in troubled waters in the Arab world.

At the same time, the economic issues being faced by the United States have also cast their shadows on several Asian countries. If the BRICS succeeds in extending and strengthening economic and trade relations among them, it would help in emancipating Asia and the rest of the world for the impact of the economic crisis and help in accelerating industrial development. One should hope that the BRICS summit would be able to give a new identity to the organization at the international level.

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