Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Inauguration of Muslim Personal Law Board

To safeguard the Islamic Shariat (personal law) and problems confronting the Indian Muslim, the Muslim Personal Law Board (MPLB) was formed. It will be considered to be the exclusive representative of the rights of Muslims. The board did salutary work in safeguarding the rights of Muslims and is continuing to do so. This struggle of the board continues. A conference of the MPLB has just taken place in Hyderabad, with discussions of various issues confronting the community.

It has taken the important decision to file five appeals in the Supreme Court in connection with the Babri Mosque demolition. As far as the Allahabad High Court judgment is concerned, it will be suffice to state that to give any judgment on the basis of faith has set a bad precedent. If this trend continues, it will be a terrible blow to the secular character of the country.
Cases Against Muslims
Another important decision taken is that the board will fight all cases against Muslims. This decision should be lauded. The 1937 Shariat Application Act gives this freedom to Indian Muslims, to reach decisions about personal matters such as marriage, divorce, khula, family inheritance to reach judgment on the basis of personal law (Shariat). Although in a few cases such as the Shah Bano matter, the court clashed with the Shariat in its judgment.
MPLB head Maulana Rabea Nadvi has said most appropriately, that all courts from the lowest to the highest are bound to take all decisions in the light of the Shariat. He said that Shariat is a religious law, which will brook no change and will not be tolerated. When the laws made by the God Almighty cannot be changed by his Prophet, then what is the question of any lesser mortal interfering in it and bringing about any change?
Babri Masjid Demolition Case
Regarding the ownership and Babri Masjid demolition, the Maulana said the fight should continue. He said, "Despite being a minority we are bound to follow the laws of India and the rights given to us by the Constitution and we have full right to build places of worship and use them as such under religious freedom." Despite having all the documents regarding the Babri Masjid in their favor, the Allahabad High Court, in its wisdom, decided the case on the basis of faith and gave only one-third of the disputed land to Muslims. Then it is imperative for Muslims to contest the judgment in a court of law.
Uniform Civil Code in India
Now regarding the Dar-ul Qaza, it is obvious that all factional parties of the country want to destroy the Muslim identity. This means that if a Muslim wants to be a Muslim in name only, they are welcome to do so. But they have to have no connection with their religion and their law. These communal parties want to establish a Uniform Civil Code in India. Muslims, instead of turning to courts of law for their right, turn instead to the people of the country, then the issue will remain undecided, and this is the point that sticks in the throats of their enemies and makes their nights hell.
The board has also decided to challenge the legality of legitimizing homosexuality in India. The bad times the community is going through, one can only conclude that it is behaving with great patience. But along with it if an ordinary Muslim understands his responsibility as a Muslim, it will be a great step forward. In search of livelihood, Muslims, like others in the country is drifting like a stick, rudderless, losing its principals. The main reason for this is surrendering the rules of the religion. It is incumbent on the leaders that they guide the community regarding its rules and make sure that they are followed. Islam has not come into this world that it just floats with the tide. But it exists, so that it can show the world the correct path. It will be a tragedy if the youth ignore it.
Need of Hour
What is necessary is that the Muslim community revives its lost values. If this comes about then it will wake up to the moral values of a family and this will be the turning point when a Muslim will realize worldly success along with moral success. History is witness to the fact that a people who have lost their identity have been wiped out from the pages of history.

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