Monday, March 28, 2011

West and Islamic World

Muslims are emerging as an extraordinary force in the Western countries. The large number of people accepting Islam in the West is also a proof of growing Islamic influence. The rising number of Muslims has terrified the leaders of the West. However, the more worrying factor for them is that their own citizens are interested in learning about the Islamic faith more than anybody else. This quest for knowledge brings them closer to Islam and soon comes the time for conversion to Islam.

Growing Problems The biggest problem facing Muslims of the West has to do with the survival and protection of their religious character and identity. The young generation of Muslims that has been brought up in the West is significantly influenced by the Western culture and values. It is very hard for the elders to save their children from the Western influence.

Parents of children, who have been brought up with the Western values, find it difficult to get their kids accustomed to Islamic traditions and then convince them to follow those traditions. This is especially true at a time when the West has joined forces to start a campaign against the Muslims in the name of war against terrorism and extremism.

Goal for Muslim Campaigns are being carried out against Muslims in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Under these circumstances, an important point to ponder on for Muslims is how to save their children from the harmful effects of the Western education and environment, so that they are not influenced by the Western culture. They want their children to be saved from the Western values and traditions despite being brought up there. At the moment, the most important goal for the Muslim of the West should be to provide Islamic education to their children to save them from the Western influence. For this purpose, more religious seminaries should be established so that the Muslim children can get accustomed to Islam teachings. Muslims of the West can only stay away from the Western culture by promoting the Islamic faith and ethics.

However, steps are being taken to impose sanctions on the Islamic seminaries and centers in the name of campaign against terrorism and extremism in the West. But reports that depict the truth and are based on the fact that the Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism are completely ignored. The people of the West are themselves behind the acts of terrorism in the Western society, but it is Muslims who are being targeted due to discrimination and narrow-mindedness.

Forced Thinking and Ideology At the moment, a tussle is going on between the secular powers and Islamic leaders. The Western and European countries are trying to force their own ideology and way of thinking on Islamic scholars. The German Government has voluntarily introduced courses for Islamic scholars and orders have been issued to take action against those scholars who do not attend these courses.

The surprising part is that the German parliament has included lectures from the Christian and Jewish religious leaders in the courses designed by the German Government for Islamic scholars. This is done with the intention of modernizing Islam just like Christianity and Judaism, so that a liberal version of Islam can reach the general public through the clerics at the mosque. According to a statement issued by the German prime minister, $5.6 million will be spent during the next five years to send Islamic scholars to attend courses at the University of Tübingen, the University of Rosenburg and the University of Munster.

The Measures It is the rise of Islam that has forced the West to introduce measures like these. The scholars, who have been brainwashed by the West, will only spread a version of Islam that is either incorrect or influenced by the Western values.

Under these worrying circumstances, it is a major responsibility of the Islamic World, particularly the scholars of the Islamic World, to guide Muslims of the West and confront the negative propaganda by the Western and Zionist media. It is important that Islam is presented in its correct form, so that all the efforts of the West to change the true face of Islam are foiled.

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