Saturday, March 26, 2011

Japan Mishap Jolts US, Europe

The destruction of nuclear establishments after the recent earthquake in Japan has not only created problems for Japan but has also troubled several other countries having such establishments. It is said that nuclear energy is an unavoidable necessity. It provides maximum energy needs. That is why every country worth of it is floundering to have this facility. Today, nuclear reactors are spread across the world. Currently, there are around 441 working nuclear reactors across the world. This does not include many more under construction reactors. Until January 2010, there were 60 reactors under construction.

Security Reasons
There are 30 countries in which nuclear plants are working. There are over 100 plants that have been closed down for many reasons. In the United States, there are over 150 nuclear plants, half of which are over 30 years old. In the United States, certain plants were created for security reasons, on which work was started in 1950's.

The first nuclear power plant of the United States started in 1955, which was closed down in 1974. The reason for its closure was lack of emergency cooling system. In Europe also, over 150 nuclear plants are working, whereas dozens more European countries are planning to establish new plants.

Corrosive Process
In addition to the above, there are hundreds of laboratories where experimental work on nuclear energy is under way. Apart from the United States and Europe, Russia is one such country having numerous plants. From geographical viewpoint, Russia comes under Europe but in power block it is counted separately as an axis power. China and Japan also have constructed dozens of plants for getting energy. Although all such countries have made concrete arrangements for their safety and there are guidelines from the United Nations, still doubts persist on their safety.

Nuclear energy, which on one side has been made an unavoidable necessity, carries dangerous proportions as it is secured through a corrosive process. It is such a deadly process that even a minor fault can endanger the existence of the earth. Human beings have experienced its deadly effects still the work is going on.

The powers who have invented this dangerous technology have used it for anti-human and suppression purposes as well. When the victims of such suppression tried to develop this technology to contain the oppression, they were restrained. All this created an uneasy situation. This way the process of oppression and counter oppression kept on going.

Steps Toward Safety
Now the occurrence of Japan has cautioned all that they have invited plethora of problems for themselves. The United States and Europe made it a business by developing such technology for third world countries. Today, the plants existing in the third world are their gift of death. They invited risk not only for themselves but for others also.

Now after the Japan incident, the United States and Europe are aghast of it. The US citizens and Europeans are now emphasizing their respective governments to take prophylactic steps toward safety of these plants.

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